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DEA Raids Phat Stuff as Part of Nationwide Crackdown 2014-05-07

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Tax is theft.

When you build a foundation of the government based upon theft. Guess what the bottom feeding low life scum thieves will work for the government. The problem with a thief is that if they get away with it they will come back and steal again and again until they take your life.

Each person who is taking property without permission needs to be held individually accountable for their actions. They can not be permitted to hide behind their jobs.


Free Keene is not free.

This just shows and proves the further desensitization.

It will get much, much worse... until there is absolutely nothing left.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I must say...

The first man speaking, the man in the tie-dye shirt -- he sounds like Mr. Slave, from South Park.

South Park Mr Slave about Bitches:

That said, the shop's owner was like a doormat, and the D.E.A. stepped all over him.

RAID = Grand Theft

The cops are going to just do their job one day....

....in hell

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

WTF? They promote Keene as a Freedom Mecca

but look at what happens! Doesn't look that free to me.

I've got a good idea

Maybe the same thing that happened to the cops in China recently should happen to these guys.Surround them and make sure they don't leave.


flatten their fucking tires or something. i would love to see them have to reload the stolen booty into another get away car.

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I don't think it inappropriate that the U-Haul truck that they used has a creepy spider painted on it. There is no justice quite like criminal justice is there?

So this is NH. Wish they'd have hurled better insults.

How about: Why don't you guys get honest jobs.
You guys are stealing our stuff, and breaking the law.
You are squashing our Constitutional rights to sell our products.
You like working for our criminal government?
You don't give a damn what you do so long as you get paid - you're effin prostitutes is all.
You'd take that smirk off your face if I stick this shotgun up your a*s.
You like raping my store, how 'bout I go to your house and rape your mother?
We're posting pictures of your ugly nazi faces so when the riots start we'll know who to shoot.

This really bothers me. It makes me afraid that we will become the slaves that govt wants us to become. A few shotguns would have stopped them in their tracks.
I mean, did we take back the Medical industry? It is a crime even to utter the word "cure" if you heal from Cancer with alternative methods. We are effectively slaves, accepting their vaccinations for our babies and 5 yr olds. My own stupid brother at 70 yrs took a vaccination last year. We are conditioned morons, and if you show signs of awareness people think you're crazy because you talk with passion and frustration.
Did we take back the Energy industry? We have sink holes in every state there is oil wells - see the connection? Edgar Cayce said 80 years ago oil wells cause sink holes and possible earth quakes. This industry is yet another Conspiracy squashing like bugs all the new energy inventions for near 100 years already. We are slaves because we continue to accept this way of life.

So when do we tell govt we ain't gonna take it any more. Never, because they will allow us enough space to think we're still free, but anyone who raises his voice will disappear; and no one will complain because it didn't happen to them. More and more I wish the stock market would crash big time so we get this show on the road; the sooner govt loses control the sooner we can fight to take back our country.

These stores should hire old people who won't mind putting their lives on the line to defend their right to sell their products ... with good pay of course.

Libertarian Gun for Hire.

This is the state that the FREE STATE PROJECT

Was going to make into the example of a republic? Where are those free stater's?



Ya know. I usually would never bring anyone's family into the situation. That's kind of something nobody wants/should touch.

But the best thing they could have yelled out would be that the DEA agent's daughter's pillows are payed for by people who hate them. That their daughters and sons food is paid for with Blood money. Their entire livelihood is subsidized directly by extorted money from people who strongly disagree with what they are doing. I would barely feel like a man if I was providing for my family in this disgusting manner.

The reason I say this, is because I heard someone say something along those lines to a cop, and I will NEVER forget the look on that cop's face. It's like he felt it physically and really thought about it right on the spot.


that they need to get drunk as hell before they lay down tonight, so that they won't think about how many families just had food taken from their table.

Awesome video...

Wonder when these fuckers will arrest the CIA for Drug smuggling 90% of the hard drugs into this country.

DEA is a joke.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

No proper warrant,

they shouldn't be allowed in the store. This is where the local police department might come in handy. The only actions the government respects are large numbers of armed citizens.

If they show up again without a proper warrant, these morons should be meant with lots of citizens, and ordered out. This makes me so angry.

I would have like to see the town rise up and surround all the

DEA vehicles, and UHaul trucks with hundreds of cars so they are all blocked in, and not a single agent could leave except by foot, harassed all the way out of town. Perhaps the local news media might cover an event like that. It time neighbors start standing up for each other.

Perhaps local business should have a contingency plan in place where hundred of neighbors, customers and supporters can put a stop to the thuggery.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.




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Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

What did they do starch heroin into the fabric & ship it in?

Shoulda payed their kickbacks.

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