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No More Third Party Talk!

Isn't anybody getting sick of all this third party talk? A couple of points:
1. Ron Paul has NOT lost the Republican nomination.
2. He's the only one with money and the only one who's spending it in Super Tuesday states (including Romney).
3. He started when there was 11; now there are 4.
4. Out of the 4, who is going to beat him, if we hang in there?
5. He's done that before, and won't do it again.
6. Third party candidates have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE TO WIN!
7. Dr. Paul has explained this over and over 100 times already.
8. If you are advocating a third party run, you probably work for Fox.

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Thankyou for that!

Ron Paul has been trying to tell us to take back the Republican Party
from the NeoCons.

This is the mission.

Then we will have freedom.

Why don't people get this?

We have Ron Paul delegates all over the country.

We have Ron Paul Republicans running for congress.

We have 20 more Primaries to go after Super Tuesday and Ron is
already advertising in after Super Tuesday States.

Do you think he would do this if he didn't plan to stay the course?

We are in a good position. Just watch. The chess match is

You will be amazed at what is going to transpire, while everyone
thinks he is losing, he's not.

Become a Precinct Leader
Donate to the Campaign

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
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agreed! focus, people!

I only take exception to one of your points: #8. I'm sure there are many well-meaning newbies who don't yet realize just how much *harder* it is to get attention in a 3rd party. As tough as we have it now (and I know it feels damn hard), it's even worse outside the 2 majors. If you don't like getting 1/4 of the time you should get in a debate, try going the Nader route: he got *arrested* when he tried to just go onto the property where the debates were being held. That's how they treat you as a 3rd party candidate. At least we're *in* the friggin debates!!!

Yeah, the Establishment really sucks. It sucks a lot worse than most people realized. We've not been vigilant, for far too long, and the tyranny and decadence have accumulated to frightening depths. Clearing them away is *hard*, and requires a lot of effort by a lot of people. Become one right now at voters.ronpaul2008.com!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Dr. Paul rejects 3rd Party Candidacy

In many interviews Ron Paul has addressed the subject of 3rd Party Candidacy and he will not be running as such.
Laws are biased against 3rd Parties, there are no debate opportunities, getting your name on the ballot is expensive and exasperating, etc.
While he wont completely rule out the option, this stance has more to do with him not being an absolutists rather than the option as consideration.
If the support is there, he might very well go through into November, regardless of nomination: but if the support was there to begin with, 3rd Party candidacy wouldn't even be considered.
Dr. Paul supporters who talk of 3rd parties are are subverting the cause of Liberty. You must give everything effort you have to obtain Liberty, do not expect it to be handed over.
Protest with your dollar; Promote Dr. Paul; Caucus, Delegate, Vote: only in this manner can victory be achieved.

Msg from a fellow Dr. Paul supporter

Do You REALLY think....there is ANY hope at changing the GOP?

I supported Pat Buchanan in '96....I thought that with all that transpired,just maybe,maybe...the GOP primary voters would realize how RIGHT he ended up being on issue after issue...INSTEAD they go the exact OPPOSITE way.....more war,more government,more contempt for freedom....It isn't working people as Bob Barr realizes the GOP is a FRAUD....The Libertarians have been around 35 years....and they have yet to become a major force in American politics...HOWEVER, a breakdown or breakup of the GOP over McCain and related issues and the coming of a recession MIGHT just be the ticket to BREAKING the two-party dictatorship we have in America....The only key to making a viable 3rd party is money from disgruntled GOPers,Independents and people who are alienated by the political process....I'm not saying not to support ron paul Republicans if you get that opportunity...but the old dinosaurs who control the GOP are not going to allow you to support ONLY Ron Paul Republicans...they will insist that you vote and support the dummies they want...THE ONLY HOPE for liberty is a SERIOUS breakdown of the GOP aided and abetted by a strong 3rd Party run ...if not by Ron then by somebody....

Ron Paul'08