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Ron Paul endorses Dewhurst in Texas

Dan Patrick must have some bones in the closet.


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well that sucks

i think ron and rand are about tied now for cringeworthy endorsements.

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I cannot understand this. What in the world?! Somebody please make sense of this endorsement.

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This a 180 for Dewhurst?

"Dewhurst pulled out a copy of the U.S. Constitution and quoted sections supporting Dr. Paul’s fight against the Federal Reserve banking system and Paul’s belief in strict limits on the role of the federal government. He also discusses the issue of gold that belongs to Texas being held outside the state of Texas. “In this past session, in 2012 and 2013, I was working with some House members and some senators and a bill was written and moved in the House, HB 3505, which would have required to move some of our university gold that’s in New York, back to Texas.” That bill did not pass in the House. Dewhurst pledged to work with Congress to get Texas’ gold back to Texas in the next session."


Uh, wasn't he the ex CIA dude

who torpedoed the whole no TSA in our pants act?

I'm confused.

J. Patterson did too. No one

J. Patterson did too.
No one would touch Dewhurst with a ten foot pole during the Senate Race, I agree, something must be up.

Southern Agrarian


... no need to endorse any one of them. Perry makes Bush look like a genius. Dewhurst makes Perry look like a genius. The good doctor got this one wrong.

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