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Great News from Ohio: Liberty Grassroots Wins 100s of Primary Races

For months prior to the 2014 primary, grassroots groups actively recruited hundreds and hundreds of candidates all over the state to run for local positions on what is known as party “central committee.” … The main responsibility of individuals serving on central committee is to help pick the party’s candidates.

--In Clermont County, local grassroots groups helped well over a hundred individuals run for the county’s Republican central committee on Tuesday.
--While many of these candidates were guaranteed a win because they ran unopposed, 48 had challengers. Of that number, 31 won their races (67%).
--When the county central committee meets in June to elect new leadership, the citizens are expected to have a solid majority of votes on the county’s 167-member committee.

Other grassroots victories on Tuesday can be found in the state’s House of Representatives. One statewide grassroots group, Ohio Citizens PAC, endorsed several liberty-aligned candidates for election and re-election in the Ohio House. Five of the new candidates won election in spite of uphill battles against establishment supported opponents.

Read more: http://tedstevenot.com/2014/05/08/ohios-grassroots-win-100s-...

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Victories in N.E. Ohio

Tea party backed republican candidate Kim Laurie wins the Lake county commissioner primary and Casey Kozlowski wins Republican commissioner primary in Ashtabula county.

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Police brutality stories coming out of Ohio are plentiful and horrendous.