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Think You Have The Right To Be Left Alone?
 Then You’re An Extremist.

Ernie Wayne terTelgte is a poor man from a tiny village in Montana who believes that nature gives him a license to live. Barack Obama is a wealthy and privileged man residing at the seat of power who believes his position gives him a license to kill. Naturally, the Tolerance Commissars are pretending that the former is a menace to society, because of the contempt he displays for the system that facilitates the crimes committed by the latter.

Last August, terTelgte was fishing at Three Forks Pond with his eleven-year-old son when they were accosted by Adam Pankratz, who is employed as a warden by the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Service.

When Pankratz saw terTelgte reeling in a fish, the warden asked if he had a fishing license. TerTelgte replied that he didn’t need one.

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for the night people

Lots of good stuff

from Mr. Grigg
Support Your Local Slave Patrol

Who Decides?

Who decides if one is a terrorist?

I say all those that live upright lives in the pursuit of excellence and by the natural law should decide what is best for them.

The government is incapable of knowing true liberty because the very nature of government is FORCE.

I say those that call the lovers of liberty TERRORISTS neither love nor seek true liberty...

In the beginning, we doubted the original source of our being (the voiceless voice in our heart)..As a result, we are now all subject to suggestions by the spoken word.

If you want to know why there is misery in the world, it is because we don't listen intuitively but by the power of suggestion from others, especially those that seek to rule.

One only needs to sit still and ponder that which is inside us all. By doing that one need not listen to anyone who calls themselves an authority...

I call this, living by faith not by any authority. Because all authority is nuts..

As a resident of Gallatin County where this occurred

I'd like to point out that locally there are three main groups. First, the largest group, doesn't particularly care what's going on with terTelgte one way or the other but in general people here tend to be very protective of rights. What this means is that the largest group of public opinion on this issue is undecided but more likely to support ordinary people than to support the State.

Second, there are of course people such as myself who are all about liberty and freedom and don't see any harm in the actions of fishing without a license just to get food.

Third, and smaller yet than either previous group, are the officials who want to uphold the law at all costs. Ironically, they haven't figured out how many people who are otherwise willing to obey pointless laws are swayed toward liberty just in seeing the actions the State is taking in this case. Sheriff Gootkin, in person, seems much more undecided than this article makes him out to be.

Anyway, just a bit of rambling from someone living right down the road from where this all started. It's odd to see Three Forks in the spotlight, when to me it's a quiet little nowhereville!