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Comparing Police To Hitler Can Get You Banned From Facebook

Comparing Police To Hitler Can Get You Banned From Facebook

Just a few moments ago I went to check my Facebook notifications and saw the dreaded “You need to log in again” message that preceded all of my many Facebook bans. Since the account that I received the notification from is already banned from posting, and has been for over a week, I was pretty confused about this.


There’s been a rash of libertarians being banned from social networks. The great purge of Voluntaryist middle names from a few months back, a Statism is Slavery post mocking Che Guevara, and another comparing Obamacare to Hitler for a few older examples.

More recently, Mark Dice and Stefan Molyneux were both banned from YouTube, followed by Josie the Outlaw, and Adam Kokesh being banned from Facebook.

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What skill sets do we have?

What skill sets do we have in our little group here?

I'm in marketing, graphic design, math tutor, and learning chemistry at the moment. Still a student.

It would be nice to create a think tank, projects, and other operations. Perhaps even all make a profit from it all.

Facebook is Dying

This is a sure sign that Facebook has peaked and is heading downhill.

You don't grow by exclusion. Okay, maybe if you are a hot nightclub, you can, but only until the competition forms.

The GOP has had more than 30 years to get the same message, and they're not dead, but internet time is much, much faster.

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Adblock them.

Adblock them.

Whose reputation is Facebook trying to protect

the police or Hitler's?

FB Just Doesn't Want the Masses to be Misinformed. ;)

Any opinion that differs from the edicts of the Ministry of Truth is heresy.

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." -George Orwell

Thats funny


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