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The Campaign hears our voice. Dont lose Heart.

Other than, Thank you letters coming from Ron Paul every now, and than. I think it is apparent that they take some of our suggestions, and listen to what we have to say.

I think the Campaign takes a look at the major Ron Paul websites. Finds good ideas, and uses them for the campaign.

Case in Point. I put up a forum post called Ron Paul Endorsements a couple of weeks back. On it I was trying to compose a list of people endorsing Ron Paul, or who were just saying good things about him.

It was mainly due to curiosity, and I figured since the other candidates were tooting their own horns about who endorsed them, than I could show the people who were endorsing Ron Paul.

About a week, or so later the Endorsements for Ron Paul, and Acclaim for Ron Paul thing popped up onto his main website.

I am not tooting my horn or anything. But I think posts, and ideas like that affect the campaign. I think they are listening to us, and it is very apparent in their actions

If I am correct, others were complaining about his media involvement, and other things. A couple of days later, a new media director, and economic advisor's.

So, this is just a post to let you know RP hears your voice, and to keep up the flow of ideas!!! Let's face it. All you have to do is look at the Active Forum Topics to get an idea of your supporters minds.

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I even have a story...

The other day this thread took place....

Of course you can see what I posted, so you can bet I perked up a little when Ron Paul made the connection between the gold standard and Reagan.

I know the Dr. is a good man and he's very smart. I'm also not saying I was the reason Paul said that in the debate. But it sure is nice knowing that I *might* have given him an idea.

Steve Harvey Show invited all presidential candidates

and so far only clinton and barack went. This is a syndicated predominantly black show that can help spread his message. Even if he doesn't get a lot of votes could let the message be heard.

That would be excellent

Oh man especially concerning all of the racial comments within those newsletters. I mean I know it is in the past.

But whatever he can do to get Media, or distance himself from those letters. And, by distance I mean the more apologizing the better. Ya know. Politically I think it would be a great move. Plus hey more people hear his message right?

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One time I commented...

That "Ron Paul supports the troops" sounded like too vague of a statement..."how does he support them", I wrote...he could say, that "he will get the equipment for them that they needed to be safe", another commented on my suggestion "love it"

I was sitting at home here in Los Angeles and heard that line in a RP radio commercial. It may have been a coincidence, who's to say...but I was glad to hear it.

Update: Love the endorsement page. My only concern is that they don't update it. My friend, a published author and journalist wrote a dynamite article and so far he hasn't been listed.


Why I Joined the 'Ron Paul Revolution'

by Daniel Sheehy
January 14, 2008


Thank you for the encouragement. I also noticed the endorsement thing happen after we were talking about it and have noticed other things. It does not matter where the ideas come from, just that they come and get used. That is what this is all about. It is really good to get all the encouragement we can since we have to put up with crummy media, low poll numbers, low primary/caucus numbers, wondering and worrying about accuracy of votes, the huge fight ahead, how huge and deceitful the opposition is, where the world is headed and how scary and depressing that is, videos that scare you to death. Man, I gotta stop, it is all just too much. Many people just want to go back to blissful ignorance, but now we really can't. Thanks for the encouragement, we will need a lot of it. Sometimes I just want to crawl under the arm of someone safe, like Jesus or a father or a husband and say protect me. We are in this mess because we have put our heads in the sand for too many years. Because those in the know did not know how to fight it (in the two party system). We have almost waited too long. I pray to God that it is not too late.





Forgot Something

As a reader of the forums, and not a big participator, I get turned off by 5 page posts. To each his own, but one may want to keep their posts concise, so that others may read them more often.

Hey Chrislirette, we are

Hey Chrislirette, we are here for a message not a blurb. If you're looking for sound bites and spun news, look elsewhere. This post was no where close to long. in fact, it was concise as it did not deviate from the message it was delivering. We are here with intelligence, not simple minded messages. if you want concise, summarize and reread at your leisure.

I'm confused, but I think

Chris down here was talking about OUR posts, not the main post. Chris wrote the main post.


Yeah I was referring to main forum posts that are drastically long. Literally a couple pages worth of writing.

I only advocate it so that people who don't have that much time can read, and understand their points.

Especially if a Hurried RP campaign worker doesn't have the time ya know? I mean I am sure they, and many people who support RP would love to read such messages, but don't have the time due to other time restraints. I.E. Kids, work, practice, school, etc.