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Cops Jam Sharp Object Down Teens Throat, Killing Him

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the turks

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain


my eyeball. This is the same situation as the man who was arrested for a domestic situation who was with his wife and daughter.

The tactic of restraining the neck is dangerous. Cut off the blood supply to the brain by compressing the carotid artery for too long and the victim ends up dead.

"The autopsy report stated the findings included blunt force injuries and anoxic/hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, which is when the brain does not receive enough oxygen."


Placing a knee on the back of someone in handcuffs laying on their stomach and exerting weight on the knee can cause suffocation. An officer can keep his knee along the outside of the body, but never on the back and apply pressure.

We'll never know if there was drugs in his system:

"The report could not rule out a drug overdose. But since Smith’s blood samples were discarded, and never tested, it is impossible to determine whether he had drugs in his system at the time of his arrest."


"In an effort to retrieve the alleged bag, the lawsuit says police had to “shove a sharp object into the teenagers throat.” Lawyers for the Smiths say drugs were never found in his throat or stomach.

The autopsy report also confirms this, stating that there was no indication of anything unusual found in the teens body."


There's another possible explanation for the above. Realizing the boy wasn't breathing, they may have tried to perform a tracheostomy.

Any way you view it, this is a straight up homicide.

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More violence by the goons.

More violence by the goons. No one will do anything but eventually there will be gangs of "the people" who have had enough and start taking things into their own hands. It's inevitable and regrettable...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Kid was basically tortured to death.

Too bad this is on TYT's channel. Good info, but I hate giving them views.

TYT can be funny

But he sucks for sure.

I like the phrase "police attack"

It would be interesting if we could reframe these incidents as the true terrorism attacks they are.