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I'm just curious. Looking back on the last election, now that tempers are calmer, and we are older and hopefully wiser... What do you think about the fact that Romney was given a pass throughout the entire campaign by the RP campaign?

There was a lot of anger towards Rand for endorsing Romney. But didn't Ron Paul already do so by refusing to attack Romney, and openly defending him, while tearing through the other candidates?

It was easy to attack Romney. He had a virtual bulls eye on his back from Romneycare, and plenty of conservative ways to attack him. And yet, was routinely given the gentle hand.

Was it just Romney's turn and Ron Paul toed the establishment line? Was it that Ron Paul genuinely believed Romney to be a better candidate? Was he showing party allegiance to insure Rand would get a fair chance by the establishment when it was his turn? Was it possible that Ron Paul believed an Obama win against an infinitely beatable candidate like Romney would actually further the cause? Would you prefer to blame the campaign staff? If the last one, had the campaign gone rogue, or incompetent (if so, why didn't Ron Paul control them better)?

Do you believe something that I didn't list?

Just looking for honest opinions. I have my own opinions on the matter which would not be popular... But I already know what mine is, so just looking for yours.

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Rmoney was never going to get

Rmoney was never going to get elected. Dr Paul was shorted and robbed the entire way. Obombya had to be elected to ensure the illusion of hope and change. Rmoney was just the distraction to keep the masses asleep to the left vs right illusion. Why else would they put up a candidate who was ideologically the same as obombya??