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FBI To Investigate Bundy's Supporters

While Cliven Bundy supporters praised the armed individuals who came to the defense of the Nevada rancher in his land rights dispute with the federal government, the FBI is now investigating them for possible criminal offenses.

The armed standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and Bundy – who has refused to pay $1 million in animal grazing fees the government claims he’s owned since the 1990s – has now been over for weeks, but recently it’s been those supporters and armed state militia members who’ve come under the spotlight.

According to local Las Vegas news outlet KLAS, multiple sources have confirmed the FBI has opened a criminal investigation into the event. When Bundy declined to pay up – he claims he does not owe the government anything since his ancestors had used the land for more than a century – federal agents began seizing his cattle. As sympathetic supporters descended upon the ranch – most who believed the government was overreaching – the BLM backed off and released the cattle back into Bundy’s custody.


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Oh really ya think so? LOLs

Yeah the only people who have watched every youtube, every stream, every startement more than us is them.

Yes, every face is matched with a name and with this is a list of the armaments, affiliations, capabilities, weaknesses in ever growing dossiers. It's their style to chart out our whole families, our friends, our employers, our customers.

They know most of us better than we know each other.

Criminal charges? How many of their pansy, self-protective rules did we break? Doesn't it say someplace in their piles of paper that it's not permitted to point loaded weapons at their heads and have the finger on the trigger ready to make a sand-painting? Obvoiusly their rules say it's perfectly fine for them to do so for us.

LIES. LIES ALL THE TIME. "The cattle were returned". Yeah right. If you call us finding dead cows in a hole "returned" then we're obviously calling Cliven Bundy God, for many of those cows and their calves are no longer inhabitants of this planet.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.