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FLASH: Blanding Utah next scene of BLM confronatation

This just broke across multiple media channels.



I've been sitting on our internal reports for a few days. I was asked to stand down and NOT draw attention and NOT put out the call for BOTG.

This happens right in the context of the Bundy defender fiasco, there's tons of animostiy, I have this feeling like we are a house divided and I'm not sitting well with this. BUT there's this sense of all parties not really wanting another potentially violent situation.

Honestly this situation has had me spinning in circles all week. I talked to The Great Broads Of The West yesterday and I got the message that they wanted to keep this small, local, controlled and civil but there's already teams departing from AZ to head up there.

It's not charactaristic of me to display indecision but something here...is just not reassuring to me. I'm open to comments/suggestions.

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Good Resource for Backstory


Start at the bottom and work your way up.

Ed in Phoenix

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So there's a group of us trying to make sense of this thing and

it's not going too well.

So far we have talked to 4 different groups who seemingly want to get involved but they all have contradictory missions.

There's environmentalists who are pro BLM, they just want the area opened to HORSE TRAVEL but BAN MOTORIZED TRAVEL.

We have a fellow called Lyman (surname) that wants to do an ATV protest ride to OPEN the canyon to motorized traffic.

Aspects of militia are going there to confront BLM.

The sheriff, we had heard that he was goign to confront BLM and DEPUTIZE protesters to arrest the BLM but he's released a statement saying he's just gonna be there (on horseback) to "keep the peace".

BLM states that it doesn't want another conflict but they will press CIVIL charges on protesters (on all sides).

Meanwhile, Navajo and Hopi nations have released statements in support of BLM keeping pretty much EVERYBODY out of the place (tons of ruins and archeological sites getting walked on).

Meanwhile we tried calling Utah Paiute nation and their spokesperson is our of town and unavailable until next week. No clarity there.

I mean what a morass. There's no unified objective here. This isn't a uniter, this is a divider.

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Back in october 2006 I did...

volunteer work with the Natural Bridges National Park for three months and recall I had to go for groceries once a week to Blanding, Utah. Such a small town for such a big protest. Wish I could be there.

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