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Family Releases Video of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Fort Bend Officer

A video released Wednesday shows the last few minutes in the life of Michael Blair who died in a hail of gunfire last year from a Fort Bend County sheriff's deputy.

In the last seconds of the video, Blair - holding a knife but already struck several times by a stun gun - appears to stumble toward the deputy standing in the bathroom doorway at the family's Rosenberg-area home.

The deputy shouts for the man to stop, then begins firing.

The video appears to show the deputy continuing to shoot almost a dozen times, the pistol following Blair as he collapses to the floor.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c74_1399580183#HfPieWqZE6wXBL...

Sorry if this has already been posted. It's hard to keep up with all the police killings and beatings.

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not fan of police

but it appears to me this time they used appropriate force, when someone comes at you with a knife they intend to kill you and have the right to use force necessary to prevent that from happening.

Never call the cops

You just give them target practice. Such scum bags!

Damn that just ruined my

Damn that just ruined my weekend. :(


Straight up murder. I hope the family finds peace and justice.

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