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Steve Hughes - Hilarious Aussie Comedian, sums up MSM and viewers with his " Stop being so cynical" routine and more!

Steve Hughes is on the money when it comes to the problems in the world and sums things up in a hilarious way.

**Warning contains offensive language**

Full Live at the Apollo


Hilarious Snippet from above full video,

"Steve Hughes on war on terror, global warming and X-factor


Here is another version of his take on Mainstream Media (Filmed in Australia, extra jokes for all the Aussies here)

Steve Hughes - Stop being so cynical, just eat your s#*t.


Another good one here.

Steve Hugh Raw in Sweden!

**Warning contains offensive language**

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"You hate Enya....that's a bit intense..

George Bush is alive...."


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Frank Zappa and Dee Snider had a kid ?



I didn't even notice haha

Heavy metal

fans will more than likely like this guy, being one himself.

I love his bit about Enya, its classic!

I liked Steve Hughes ...

... for awhile, but if you check out all of his available stuff (not including the earlier "clean cut" era) you'll find, as I did, that his catalog of material is very small, which makes his act seem old very very quickly. I discovered him several years ago and watched everything of his on Youtube at the time ... by the time I got half way through I kept hearing the same jokes over and over, with the occasional exception.

I found that if you look him up every few years you'll appreciate him more. heh

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

Hah Yeah

I only found out about him recently and was going to make a post as I thought quite a few of his lines where spot on and hilarious, but I forgot, until now.

But would have to agree, he doesn't have a huge backing of material, but what he does have is pretty spot on and damn funny if you ask me.

Just thought I would bring abit of humour into the daily discourse.

I edited it to

show the more global version, live at the Apollo, as the first link I posted, I did not realise was an Australian based show, which many jokes are probably not relevant to many here.

I hope you enjoy, He gives me a laugh, especially with his insights into society and the "new world order".

"its like, terror lite . . . almost a kind of, I cant believe its not terror"

"You hate Enya. . . hang on, here's Enya . . and here's George Bush"

-Steve Hughes

I just watched the Apollo

I just watched the Apollo video and that was hilarious. The Aussie show video was dogshit to watch if you aren't Australian.

He is one of those people

He is one of those people that thinks dropping the f-bomb in every sentence makes him hilarious. A well placed one can be funny, but not every sentence. It only shows a lack of creativity.

I lived in England for 3 years, and while that is not Australia, I couldn't understand half of what he was saying.


Did you watch the Edited post with the Apollo scene or the Aussie show which was first posted, because he is a tad more refined in the Apollo show.

The media spiel in the Aussie version is still a good laugh.

I think I saw the Aussie show

I think I saw the Aussie show before you edited it. Come to think of it the content of that video clip seemed to have nothing to do with the title of your post.

The title had

all to do with the first video I posted, then I edited it because I realised the video was an Australian show with many jokes not relevant to many here, and a bit slower.

The third video is what the title refers too, but the other videos are much better.

The Aussie one is a bit rough, and older I think.

Not really.

Its kind of just the way we talk alot down here in Australia.

And yes, we talk very quickly, Steve Hughes even more so.

His content though is spot on, I mean his spiel about Condi Rice, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, being warciminals should resonate, and his war on terror bit is so on the money and so blatantly obvious, that it is hilarious!

I don't think it is just an

I don't think it is just an aussie thing to use the f-word a lot, many americans do so too. The f-word is funniest out of the mouth of someone that rarely uses it, and obnoxious when used in every sentence. It is similar to a teenage girl that starts every sentence with the word LIKE.

No honestly

we do use it alot.

But I agree with what you said, but I don't think he is that bad though.