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I have some questions about how fights should be handled.


No offense, but that's bullshit. They treated him as a threat. They got some money off of what they did to him. One, he was emotional and at the beginning of the video, you can see that he was clearly trying to break up the fight. Two, what if the cops weren't there? No one would have been arrested, it would have been the boyfriend breaking up the fight. You might ask, well what if the boyfriend wasn't successful in breaking up the fight? One of the girls would have been either knocked out or too beat up/tired to continue the fight.

We aren't a bunch of babies in this world. Sometimes, people need to fight. BUT, what happens when the cops get involved? Unnecessary harm causing collateral damage and an excess of force towards those involved. Anything good? They might have prevented a death. Anything can result in death, so why don't we have police for everything? Doesn't that sound stupid?

If there is a mutual exchange of force, let it happen until someone is excessive in their force. Then, take action. Until then, just let some people fight it out.

We make fists for a reason.

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Perhaps Cops should be trained to act like hockey referees in...

these instances. Monitor the situation so nobody gets dangerously over-aggressive (no weapons, etc.) and then just let them duke it out until they both get tired...then just sort out the heap after it's finished.

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