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VIDEO: Rand Paul Meets With Black Church Leaders In Memphis

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Strategic appearances....fine okay.

But you will never win over black, minority, or working-poor voters until you address the severe income equality in this Country.

You cannot be for unregulated cartels, and lasse-faire capitalism, and also simultaneously be a friend of the working man (and woman). That won't work.

A true fiscal conservative, would deplore Corporate Welfare, and Rich guy Welfare ... while trying to protect the interests of the poor against the enormous power of the Oligarchs, and the Lobbyists.

Without opportunity for all, there is no hope and there is no change.

Please respond with your comments on the following.

1. [The RNC wants] fewer debates with moderators who will focus less on the their differences between them. [and] The RNC intends to punish contenders who break the rules.

2. In response to involvement and support of Cliven Bundy.[no audio of question]
"I have never been supportive of him as an individual or his comments, and particularly once he made started making those comments, there was no part of me that was supportive."
- Rand Paul

3. I felt like this was a hit piece and does not meet the standards of professional journalism. What do you think?

The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

there's this


the old boy network is sure starting early. ron paul and his movement scared the bejesus out of them. they had to expose what vile creatures they were on national tv. they will do anything to have their way.

re Bundy: say what you will obama made a pretty good crack about rand doing a 180.

Love TMOT. He's the real deal.

Rand told them he wanted their vote. i don't think i've ever heard ron ask for anyone's vote and he started a world wide revolution, a movement that continues to grow, and from where i'm sitting is going to have no choice but to form a viable 3rd party. maybe 2020 snowden, johnson, swann, kokesh etc
onward and upward!

Reply to davyC

The good ole boys network is definitely part of the election rigging. Voting in an election is about as effective as voting yourself out of handcuffs or slaves voting for their own freedom. From where I'm sitting the only way out of this mess is to not associate with criminals. I don't know what to think of Bundy/Rand, but it doesn't look good from any angle.

TMOT is the real deal. That I 100% agree on 100% of the time.

The cheese stands alone. The proof is in the pudding.

not to mention

the criminal's diebold machines


It just goes to show that even someone who should know better than most that the MSM is not trustworthy, can still get sucked in. Somebody needs to tell Rand he got it wrong.

I trust TMOT before I trust Rand when it comes to judging Mr. Bundy.

Reason Magazine got used, too.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Pandering to special interest

AND THE RNC. lol Anyone listen to the opener, that was better than the rest of the material. They are going to shut down argumentative debaters. lol

DNC Response: "to Memphis of all places"

We really need to get the approved list of places where we can go and reach out to those with whom we need to dialogue, and who would otherwise accuse us of ignoring them.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Pandering to special interest groups I see.

Seriously. When does he speak to brown church leaders, white church leaders, yellow church leaders, red church leaders? Why is it that those who scream about separation so much are the ones who make sure that the lines of separation are kept clear? And why do politicians cater to such notions.

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Two words to the Hillary people:

Blue Dress.

No amount of SHOUT will get rid of it.

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Agreed. Ron Paul said the same thing.

We are all humans with the same basic needs. Just most can't see that.

Would you

Post a video of Ron Paul speaking at an ALL BLACK conference please and prove it. WE know he never EVER did that. Only his retarded son.

Ron Paul spoke at an all

Ron Paul spoke at an all black high school in DC. imo It was one of his finest. I learned a lot about Ron Paul watching it.

Oh come on!

It's so obvious Republicans exclude non-white people (and it's intentional and unintentional) and what Rand's doing is needed.

A few Repubs simply want the GOP to remain the "white party". Most of the GOP I would say would love to see blacks and hispanics voting with the party, however they don't want to leave their little safe bubble and get their hands dirty to accomplish that vision.

When's the last time you've seen the GOP actively go to black neighborhoods and just listen to them? What about going to Los Angeles and engaging with the hispanic crowd? How many GOP events have you been to? I've been to a handful in the past couple of years. You know what I saw? White people, with the one token black guy some Repub brought along. Every single time.

You may not think that when Rand goes to historically black colleges, or speaks to a group of black ministers, or the NAACP President wanting Rand to speak is a big deal...but guess what? It is. It's a huge deal! You should know better than most that freedom is popular. Freedom isn't just special to white people, liberty is appealing to everybody when it's heard. And how are minorities going to embrace the message of liberty if liberty-lovers aren't going to these people and telling them about it?

BS! THat's a lie by the liberal left to keep you stupid.

And apparently it worked on you.

"It's so obvious Republicans exclude non-white people."

The fact you said that just makes you sound like a liberal shill. That is the same beaten horse that they always drag out. I guess that you will say the same thing about Libertarians since they oppose, supposedly, special treatment of groups.

I can't read past your above statement and find no need too since it pretty much sums up your liberal thinking. "We must cater to liberal special interests to support the Conservative cause." No wonder Conservatism is dead in politics. And no wonder that libertarianism is becoming just another extension of liberalism.

Lol, you can think whatever

Lol, you can think whatever you want of me. I don't care if you think I'm a liberal shill even though my history here proves other wise. But you could at least quote me in full, which I followed by saying most exclude minorities *unintentionally*.

But what GOP events do you go to? I went to the Charlotte the other week when Rand stumpe for Brannon... All white except one.

The Obamacare nullification rally in Columbia, SC ... No blacks. Wait there was one. No, actually they just walked through going to the counter rally on the other side.

SC Repub Party hosted a fundraising dinner that I went to last summer with Rand attending, and there was one black guy.

Like I said, most of the GOP unintentionally exclude minorities by not escaping their little bubble. Repubs must outreach to minorities, it's not the other way around where minorities outreach to Repubs. You may think minority inclusion in the GOP isn't a problem, but it is. I had an extensive conversation with an RLC leader a while back on this issue, and discussed some solutions to it.

No one

Has a problem with a colored GOP except for blacks last time I checked. Nobody forces them to vote. Also no one really cares.

It's that Rand just like all the people he is against, he does their same moves -- like singling out groups of people to talk to. So don't worry I'm sure he has all white meetings too.

How About Whites?

Most whites I know also feel that they have been excluded from the Republican Party.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I thought it was uniting folk who already seperated themselves

Behind common ideas...