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Obama outlaws citing published information, if that information is leaked

Seriously. He just made it illegal for a person in government from commenting on, citing, or even acknowledging the existence of information that has been 'illegally' leaked to, and published by, a newspaper, tv network, or blog. The information could be common knowledge, but if it reached the public through an unauthorized leak nobody in the Federal Government can note that it exists.


I wonder if this will lead to leakers being arrested and charged with leaking information that does not, according to the government, exist?

G-man: "Mr. Snowden, you're under arrest for leaking classified information."

Ed: "What information?"

G-man: "Uh...I don't know what you're talking about."

Ed: "What information did I leak that was illegal?"

G-man: "You leaked?"

Ed: "You said I leaked."

G-man: "Yes you did."

Ed: "What?"

G-man: "Let me rephrase...you are being arrested for that-which-is-never-to-be-named."

Ed: "What is it?"

G-man: "What?"

Ed: "It."

G-man: "There is no 'it.'"

Ed: "So what am I being arrested for?"

G-man: "I just told you."

Ed: "You told me nothing."

G-man: "Exactly!!!"

Has Obama jumped the shark yet?

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Then how can the prosecutor

who cites leaked information to make his accusations be prosecuted for citing it?

The law does give government leaders an excuse to talk circles around the information and not respond to concerns about it. Every other application of the law is a Monty Python skit, but that effect is creepy.

Defend Liberty!

Here I was minding my own business..

trying to figure out how to burn a few hours before the wife gets home, and you bring up Monty Python. Excellent idea!

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That was never five minutes just now

Nobody expects the ... oh bugger. I'll come in again.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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LEAVE the DEMOCRATS & LEAVE the REPUBLICANS for they are two heads of the same beast

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Doesn't this Legalize Leaking?

If the leak is not heard, noted, or seen to exist, then there is no leak, right?

Also, wouldn't it then be illegal to charge someone with leaking government information if it would be illegal to acknowledge the leaks existence?

Maybe I shouldn't post all of this in hopes that the next victim of federal contradictory stances on it's own accountability, can surprise their prosecutors with the ridiculousness of actually trying to follow laws, mandates, and illegal orders.

Do wrong. You will be punished.
Do right. You will be punished.

So... ???

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The "la-la-la I can't hear you" administration?

You go ahead and ignore reality, truth, and whatnot; the rest of us will be out here tending our gardens. Of thought and soil.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Just repeat what they say

3 towers fell because of the actions of a few crazy terrorists sent by a man living in a cave.

The Boston Bombing was perpetrated by a couple college kids with pressure cookers.

There was only 1 guy arrested at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Raising the Debt does not mean raising the debt.

We need to raise taxes for all social programs to "Help" the less fortunate.

The NSA is spying on us to protect us.

The BLM really cares about turtles.

Benghazi was outrage over a video. What does it matter anyway?

To those concerned: Fuck the puppet...

Say what you have to say.

This look familiar...


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

And Just In Time For Glenn Greenwald's New Book!

This is really going to be the theater of the absurd when the new Snowden revelations come out and yet our politicians are not even allowed to acknowledge their existence, let alone comment on them.


Yeah, just in time hey.