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Dashcam: Man Nearly Blinded After Cop Tasers Him in Eye for No Reason


A man has filed a federal lawsuit against a Fayette County, OH Sheriff’s Deputy for excessive force.

Matthew David Kelly was riding with his friend who was pulled over for suspected DUI and arrested by state trooper Bryan Cook. Kelly was asleep in the the passengers seat.

Then overzealous deputy, Clinton Sines, came over after Cook tried several times to wake Kelly up.

When Kelly finely comes to, he is obviously disoriented and begins flailing his arms. At this time Sines tries to remove him from the vehicle, but does not realize that Kelly is restrained by his seat belt.

Not giving Kelly a chance to remove the seat belt, he kept pulling and pulling and then pointed the taser at his face and fired. A prong from the taser struck Kelly in his right eye.

“Get on the ground, get on the ground, now, get on the ground, I’ll do it again, get on the ground,” Deputy Sines yelled.

Kelly stood there with his hands on his head and appeared confused. The deputy activated the Taser for a second time, and according to the lawsuit, “sent a second surge of high voltage electricity” into Mr. Kelly’s eye.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/dashcam-man-blinded-cop-tas...

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gutless predatory parasitic weasels. Make me sick to my stomach.

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