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Tree falls on cop (video)

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He's joined Special Branch.

Wow. Not bad situational awareness.

He heard it coming and crouched down, knees flexed, using the car for partial cover. If he hadn't been in that position his body wouldn't have flexed as effectively. Glad he wasn't injured worse but the right thing to do would have been to imobilize him immediately and take c-spine precautions.

Now do I get downvotes for rooting for the cop to live through this one? Sorry guys, former EMT. An injured cop is a patient to me. Just like you would be.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Why didn't you pull over?

Hey you, Why didn't you pull over when I had my lights and siren on?
I was looking for a safe place to pull over, I didn't want a tree to fall on you while you write me a speeding ticket.
In other news...
I'm surprised the driver didn't receive a ticket for endangering a police officer...Shhh...don't give them any ideas, right?

"every rose has its thorn"

is playing in the car haha

Maybe there IS a god! HA!

Maybe there IS a god! HA!

All these cops had better start behaving according to the law

Otherwise it looks like Mother Nature will take them out.

If a tree falls

On a cop, does anyone care?

I've always been a "tree hugger," and even more so now.

This tree has set the example for other trees to follow.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

God sure has funny ways of showing you

He's in control. What are the odds? It's like getting hit by a parked car.

"Every rose has its thorn"

I couldn't help but laugh when that song came on.

Honestly though, I expected one of the cops to shoot the tree.

" I expected one of the cops to shoot the tree."

Me too. Or at least taze it.

wolfe's picture

There was a dog...

Why didn't they shoot it as a precaution? Talk about risk takers.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I think it was their dog.




Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

That's what the tree said

I'm here all night, don't forget to tip your waitress

Hah ha! Hah hah ha! Oh shoot! That was funny Fonzdrew!

Perfect, snappy comeback!
Haha! Nice!

Defend Liberty!

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