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Master Currency Counterfeiter Prints Millions, Says ‘Screw You’ to US. - Help me figure out how the FED is different.

I dare you to name the ways that this counterfeiter is different than the FED. I can only think of a few.

1) He's not part of the official QE program. It might have been different if he split the new bills with the banking system.
2) He paid for the cost of the supplies instead of billing the US Treasury for the cost of printing and supplies.

Article below:

Master Currency Counterfeiter Prints Millions, Says ‘Screw You’ to US
A man who claims he is the best counterfeiter in the world, Frank Bourassa, has been allowed to go free after turning over a huge quantity of fake U.S. $20 bills that authorities say are “not detectable by the naked eye.”.....


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The difference: One picks your pocket; the other enslaves you.

When the unauthorized counterfeiter prints up money, the money is spent to buy stuff that people want to use for their own private purposes.

When the authorized counterfeiter (the FED) prints up money, it goes to fund government activities, virtually ALL of which entail theft, enslavement, violations of property rights, extortion and murder.

See, there IS a difference: the unauthorized counterfeiter steals a little bit of the purchasing power of your money, through inflation of the money supply. The FED does exactly the same thing, but ALSO enables the government to steal your liberty, your property and the lives of millions of people -- currently in the Middle East, but let's wait and see what the DHS is planning to do with millions of rounds of ammunition they're using those legally printed FRNs to buy.

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There is no difference

Which is why he is not in jail. I imagine he's already back to printing money for all the government officials he now has to pay off.

I can imagine it now in court. "judge, by tomorrow I could have a million dollars printed easily acceptable as well - are you really going to jail me".

I would imagine he paid EVERYONE OFF with fake money, the end.