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History of our system in fictional form - a video series

I've often dreamed of writing a book. Today it seems like no one reads so I'm thinking more about a video at this point.

I have been working for a while on a storyline that details the history of our planet and the people/groups who control it. You could think of it as Game Of Thrones meets 1984.

We start with a fictional society thousands of years ago and show how control/power is concentrated as it grows and merges with/conquers/is conquered by other societies. We'll detail all of the important social/economic/political changes which have impacted modern society.

There's no way I could ever get the time/money to do this as a live-action film, but thought it would be relatively simple to take short clips which are available for free (as most youtubers do) and assemble them with charts/graphs/animated pieces to demonstrate how this fictional society has grown up to be modern fictional humanity.

I'd like to really focus on the economic/political struggle for power and control and show how those lines which have power always have and how society has been manipulated to maintain that power... and demonstrate how power views itself and other power players.

We'll demonstrate the parallels between street gangs and mafias and governments... we'll show how they work together.

My goal is to find some folks here who would be interested in helping with this project. I need to find someone with some solid video-making and editing experience and some folks willing to lend some voice talent and writing skills. (I can do a huge majority of the voice/audio work myself and can do most of the writing too.)

The end goal of this project is to have a video series of 12-15 vids which show humanity exactly how it has been manipulated over the centuries and recognize the parallels between this fictional society (which is entirely based on real events and history only adjusted to be about fictional places and people) and our own and hopefully help the masses wake-up to reality.

Anyone interested in getting in on this? It'll be a long-term thing and I can't pay anyone a penny unless someone else wants to get involved as the sales/fundraiser guy/gal.

Thanks for reading.