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Rand Paul 2016 strategy thread

What is the plan for Rand Paul 2016.

Is "he" going to go for the popular strategy ? (popular vote)

Or the Ron Paul/Goldwater caucusing strategy ? (attempt to stock the state delegates for the convention)

I just cannot stop thinking about how all this is going to play out. I obviously don't have to air my views on Rand but I think since Jeb and the other Neanderthals are gearing up I was wondering what you guys think.

**Personally I feel:**

We didn't completely penetrate from either election and yet we as RON PAUL supporters still hold little sway. Is Rand going to try and reconcile as to hope to do both a caucas and popular strategy?

With the change to Robert's rules this should be of the most immediate consideration. But I feel they have already picked someone like each of the previous elections.

How do you feel?

Here is a history lesson for those that missed 2012:



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My theory

He and Ted Cruz will run as a tag team to take out other potential neocons. Ted will be the hawk and Paul will be the dove. They will fight and argue louder with each other than the other candidates in order to present a split. Then, Ted will, once accumulating enough delegates, stop trying to win and allow Paul to take the nomination. At which point Ted will be chosen as VP which will bring the hawks back into the fold.