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Dont forget - Benghazi

With Benghazi episode now making the rounds once again in the MSM its important to remember the context, and keep the facts fresh in our minds.


That was a piece originally pointing to a video story by Sun Tv in Canada. Of course that video, which was highly embarrassing to CNN and the US MSM has since been taken down.

However it can still be found here http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/114906/Brian_Lilley_...

(as a note: I am not endorsing that site by any stretch, having not read it - I just found the video there after some Google-fu since I went to show a MSM-friendly buddy of mine the Sun Benghazi video and it had been taken down from YouTube. Oh, and fsck Google and their new commitment to political censorship under the guise of copyright.)

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