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"To Save A Nation" *BEST* canvassing DVD bar none! iso

I am biased but I personally think this is the best ready to go DVD out there yet! as you can see from the list there is no 'fresh' video, however it is a collection of the best of the best short videos and ads that merge and flow well. It is fast paced "info-tainment" about 1/2 the clips are hi - res so they are almost broadcast quality.

the cover art is lifted, with permission from ronpaulmessage.com and can be found here
http://files.meetup.com/604833/RonPaulMessageDVDlabel%20twee... OH and the menu music will blow your socks off!
it is universal for all ages.

for home burning: DVD-R blanks are the most compatible
stacks of 100 dvd's now start at $24.99 delivered
memorex lables 300pk part number 3202 0403 please dont sharpie the disc unless for close friends. People neeed eye candy to pop that disc in. sleeves are as low as $0.03 online

we bought 3 of these burners
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151154 and have burned 2000 discs!

Menu screen grab here:

you will need a torrent program.
main feature: 58:24
a new hope (hi-res) version 2.0 !!!
cnn ad winner 30sec (hi-res)
John Stewart interview (hi-res) (general message text from us to viewer added)
stop dreaming
jay leno special insiders behind the scenes
another good 30sec ad
CNN woofy interview (hi-res)
another good 30sec ad
the only choice
polls polls (hi-res)
students 4 RP defend woofy attack
bonus material: 19minutes
buried 60minutes interview
music video: our power our responsibility (hi-res)
who among us?
3.09gig download