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i was watching the daily show

Jon had Peggy Noonan and she made a good point all of the candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, always talk about what they have been and what they have done but they do not really tell you what they are going to do... maybe we should point that out... she did actually say it that way , she was talking about trudy julianne but you can connect him with the others

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Jon Stewart said there were only 5 candidates left

I am about to email him. They mentioned every candidate on the show except RP.

I love the show but I was pissed off when he did not receive one mention
all other 5 candidates were dealt with in some way and he said there were ONLY 5 left.

Jim Stewart

We should focus, too, on the fact that...

...Ron Paul has actually laid out for the pubic his Four-Point Economic plan, complete with bills that need to pass and everything.

Talking about transparency!

Childish Moment

"for the pubic..."

Tee hee hee....ohhh....I up to late.


Geez... I hate typos...


P.S. I was actually thinking about how much Anderson Cooper was smoking Mitt and McCain's poles all throughout the debate. My bad.