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Vote Local! Vote Jack! $7.07 Money Bomb!

My name is Jack Wagner. I'm running for City Council in my hometown/birthplace of Sonoma, CA (area code 707). I am running for one of three seats that will be up for election this November.


There is one incumbent, and a former Mayor of Daly City, CA running strong. That doesn't mean I'm running for third. I'm running for first. I want to come in with a mandate.

I accepted the voluntary spending limit of $10K, which if I am able to recieve, I am sure I can compete for first in this election. This allows me to raise up to $200 per contributor, but all I'm asking for is $7.07.

What I will do that will help Liberty around the U.S.:

* I have connections with media, I will be a voice for Local Liberty if I win.
* I will submit/pass (amongst others) a Resolution calling for Cannabis to be rescheduled in order to assist law enforcement. Once passed, I will work with other "fellow-travelers" in local office to pass this, and other similar, Resolution(s) throughout the Country.
* I will work to shift the everyday tax burden off the people (Property and Sales in my city, emphasis on Property, as half our sales tax comes from Visitors and Tourists), toward non-tax revenues and specific taxes (Public Banking could, with our un-restricted assets, cut our Property tax in half and still add money to our budget, Hotel/Tourism taxes already cover 20% of our budget, and creating an Industrial Park by the city limits so we can Tax a Dispensary would bring in, as we've seen, a healthy amount of revenue). This will create a model for both Libertarians and Progressives around the county to set a model for States and the Nation.
* I will protect and preserve Sonoma as a lush, and cultural, tourist destination, so that all my "Friends of Freedom" can come and visit. My couch will be open to all: https://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=1MHV095


As a 2012 Grassroots Organizer for the Ron Paul campaign, I know how to make money go a long way. My City is 2.2 Square Miles, with 10K residents. I can walk the entire City myself. I will be making no phone calls. And only send out a single mailer when Mail-in ballots go out in October.

In my town politics is personal. It is one-on-one. I've already raised enough money to get some business cards, and make my single-sheet handouts (I will be working off a template that the top-vote getter used the last two "three-seat" elections).

I will need money for professional signs (about $1,000 - I can get the compostable/biodegradable, which in my City, is very important), banners and big signs (I have already located my four hot spots for sign waving, and am working on some key locations for banners, I'm assuming I'll need about $500 for these, though, hand-made signs for waving and banners would work out here).

The rest of the money will go to hosting a series of events. This is how the top vote getting in the last "two-seat" election (there are five seats, every two years we have elections, "two-seats" then "three-seats") succeeded.

I have venues mapped out, musicians, caterers. I just need money to make it go smoothly (buying a case of wine, keg of beer, paying for food, music, etc.). People will come through with donations, some bands will play for free, but I don't want to rely on that.

I am also going to pull a strong "Campaign End Game" consultant/advisor out from Oklahoma to help me during the first week of mail-out ballots. He has offered to drive out at no cost to the campaign, and I can house him. But I'd like to be able to offer to pay for his gas, and cover his food and other expenses while he is here (he will be maintaining a public presense during that week, sign waving, and doing lawn-sign checks around town. He will also help with the event that week).

Any extra money I have can, and will, be used to help local causes, and any future campaigns I may run (which are yet to be determined, but from what local elected officials are already saying, could be as high as I want to go...if I win).

Thank you, and long live Liberty!

- Jack Wagner

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Got another $20.14 contribution from one of my local supporters. Help me rally more funds!!!

Jack Wagner

chat conversation

was just in the chat, my last messages didn't send. I'll check back in after work to follow up on the Bitcoin approach (looks promising)

If anyone has any idea about getting something like this: http://bitcoin.polisforcongress.com/

on my site: http://votejack.org

I'd appreciate it (sounds like Smudge might have an idea)

Jack Wagner

Just had a check for maximum contribution given to me

Most of the money I've raised so far has been directly given to me in check form. $137 so far online. I'd like to get more, obviously. Any small amount helps. This year our local candidates will need help, and we need to make sure we still have the funding capabilities that made us so strong in 2012.

$5 even, it adds up.

Jack Wagner

Yes! $7.07 contribution!

Thank Lissa!! First actual $7.07 contribution.

We need to harness the "power in numbers" that we have so successfully in the past. Small $5 contributions add up, and it gives us all a chance to participate and connect with each other.

If we want change we need to support candidates. Thanks again Lissa!

Jack Wagner

Great start!

Great start yesterday! I'm going to keep this going until I at least reach my first $1K. I have some money from checks that don't appear on the ticker.

$7.07 will help out a lot!

Jack Wagner

Posted in the Liberty Forest:


Jack Wagner

Big up!

Robert Trumper with a $10 donation! Thanks buddy!

Jack Wagner

california bumpin

on such a springtime day

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Thanks to Tisha Casida! Evan Mulch!

Tisha Casida kicked down my first online donation a couple weeks ago. She is running for Congress in Colorado. I've known her since 2011 when I took off for my 7-month trip around the U.S. to campaign for Ron Paul.

I met Evan Mulch in South Carolina. He is an amazing Liberty activist, having ran for State Senate, and currently helping independent media break through the left-right paradigm.

Thanks to both these great friends of freedom!

Jack Wagner