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Free Ron Paul Flyer - 3 Fold

[UPDATE: I corrected several grammar errors that a forum member pointed out. The link below contains the corrected version of the flyer]

Hi Everyone,

I know a lot of you canvassing out there are running out of slimjims and flyers, so I made my own for you all. The flyer is 2 pages, so it's best to print it doublesided (page 1 is on one side, and page 2 is on the other side of the paper) and then fold it into 3rd's. This makes it easy to stick into doors when people aren't there to answer the door. Print this in color if you can! It's a PDF file, so you'll need Acrobat reader to view or print it. Acrobat is free and you can get it at:


Here is a download link to my flyer. It's going through RapidShare, so for those of you not familiar with it, you go to the bottom of the webpage and click the "Free" button. After the next page loads it'll ask you to type in some letters to confirm your human and click the "Download via..." button. It should then automatically download to wherever your browser normally puts your downloaded files.

Here's the link:


Reminder: this flyer is not published nor officially endorsed by the Ron Paul campaign. It is my own personal work and is freely available and modifiable to anyone who wants to use it. Good luck with your canvassing.

- themonkman

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