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7 minutes out of 82

4 candidates and Ron Paul get a total of 7 minutes out of 82. That means 75 minutes for the other three. Or an average of 25 minutes for the other three and we all know Romney and McCain spoke more than 30 each.

How fair is that?

Ron Paul shortchanged on debate time again
Posted by Tex MacRae at January 30, 2008 09:29 PM

LRC reader Joe Black clocked it:

Total time, in minutes and seconds, that Dr. Paul got to speak tonight. Out of, roughly, 1 hour and 22 minutes of "debate." Anderson Cooper cut Dr. Paul short twice.

Here is a break down of Dr. Paul's participation time:

Question 1 on the economy: 1:19 minutes

Question 4 on the environment: 0:41 minutes, because Anderson cut him short and assured him "2 minutes, in 2 minutes we have a question for you. I promise"

Question 5 on income tax rebates and "make work" schemes: 0:49 minutes
Question 11 on Sandra Day O'Conner: 0:09 minutes, I kid you not. Cut short by Anderson

Question 15* on McCain's "100 years in Iraq" statement: 1:39 minutes (only question directly asked to Dr. Paul)

Question 18* on how X would handle the military as commander in chief: 1:50 minutes

Question 19* on a Reagan endorsement: 0:46 minutes

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