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When will you all understand?

The CNN mc-romney show last night said it all, didn't it?

They didn't give the Dr. equal time. They framed camera angles to make it look like he wasn't even there. They cut him off repeatedly while they let the other gasbags ramble on. There is only one method, one way, one approach that will work to put an end to the manipulation they commit.


I've read the boycott threads. I've seen the whiners who complain it won't work, it's impractical, or it's too hard. You know what? If you're one of them, I'm done being polite with you. Stop complaining about their agenda, and take what 'they' want you to have then. If you're too stupid and lazy to realize that they are laughing all the way to the bank using your money to cram their desires down your throats, you deserve what you get.

Why do you continue to finance the very companies and people who do what you claim is unfair and unjust? Why?

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FreeSpeech TV

I have Dish Network, and on channel 9415 they have FSTV 24/7. I've enjoyed the chance to see another viewpoint on the air, but a few shows were wanting for production quality and also somewhat outdated.

Seems to me they'd be a great outlet for some of the YouTube clips and Ron Paul DVD project material if we can make it broadcast ready and get them to run it. Here is their contact info, and I urge DPers to join me in asking them to help get our message out there.


I am pretty sure FSTV is for

The far lefts views. I dont know that it would do any good as it mainly focuses on how the US is responsible for every terrible act across the globe by not spending tax dollars for every crisis. I do agree, however; that they have a very different aspect then the main stream, but what little I have watched it appears anti-US channel for the far left. Anyone else watch it? I am just making assumptions on perhaps a max of 2 hours of watching... ??

Dam politicians, not rivers!

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

block CNN and Fox and MSNBC etc.

call your cable company and have them come out and block the channels.
# one it costs money to do it. The cable company will be sure to let CNN and Fox know what is happening.
As millions of us do it, it will hurt real bad. CNN and Fox do not have huge viewing audiences.

Try it and it will make your life better. Imagine no stuttering wuss like Cooper in your living room. And no pompas Hannity with his awful voice in your den.
Never having to listen to Chris Matthews again. How sweet!!!!!

In Liberty's Cause

I'm about to go to bed for now, but...

Start small!

Local TV stations must meet a profit quota each year. The stations meet that quota by selling local advertising space. The local stations air national ads, too, but they don't generate the station money because they come from corporate. National advertisers are not concerned with regional problems and are large enough to ignore boycotters for a while. So...

Boycott local businesses that advertise on your local stations. Local businesses depend on their ads and word-of-mouth, and they will be hurt very quickly. They will put more force on your local station to act appropriately, than the station's corporate office can put on them to keep the RP Blackout going.

It causes a defiant business process...
1. Corp to Local Station: No RP News!
2. Public to local business: Not buying your product, sorry.
3. Local business to Local Station: You're selfishness is costing me $!
4. Ad Dept to Local Station: We're WAY off our goals this month.
5. Local Station to its Reporters: We HAVE to meet our sales goals.
6. Corp to Local Station: No RP News, remember?
7. Local Station to Corp: We have to do what we have to do, buddy!
8. Local Station to Public: RP Coverage Tonight!

This is simplified, but you can change an entire news operation from the ground up in just days!!!

And we're always here to email people for you, too. Just put up an addy list of the local businesses that advertise on your local station(s) and we'll email them. It'll look like the whole dang town is in the boycott, and businesses will freak!

So we can respond, be sure to include the station's crime...
Did they misrepresent his message on purpose?
Did they misquote him intentionally to harm his candidacy?
Did they shamelessly ignore his existence?

Include business and station names.

Tracy, please put this up on a blog and daily forum...So GOOD

You are right. This can be done and will work on the local level. This is how change starts. This is very informative and we all can help out with the targeting of local stations by sending emails and phone calls. We can make this happen very quickly.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

I will NO Longer watch CNN

Is there a parent company like newscorp is to Fox for CNN I'd like to know what all the assets are and sponsors

It would be real nice to have a website that's committed to showing FNC and CNN's assets and active sponsors. The time has come for me to add them to the my "Boycott for Life" list. My current list only consisted of Newscorp, their assets including FNC as well as their active sponsors.

It won't hurt him them unless an enormous amount of ppl go in on the boycott. I'm not doing it in hopes of hurting them It's purely out of principles, character and they have none they are Corporist Robots and their one and only goal is to brainwash the public. No More MSM I can't take it No More.

"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

You Might Try This On For Size?

Vote RON PAUL 2008
The Real News

The Real News is a non-profit news and documentary network ...

Vote RON PAUL 2008

well the sad part is most

well the sad part is most prefer TV over freedom.

Can we pool our money together and buy a TV station on cable

I have found several for sale out there in cable land. What a wonderful way to get the message out. Use our own resources to raise the capital for Ron Paul TV, or call it LIBERTY TV. News shows, talk shows, kids shows about history/liberty. Here is just one I found.



You Ask A Good Question -- I Do Understand

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Nothing new about these blatant examples of exclusion, even doing so in plain sight with their camera angle tactics. Good observation on your part. The fact that you 'observed' this for what it was/is only speaks to the fact that MANY OF US are also aware of the same damn thing happening. It's been happening all along and will continue until such time as someone (??) with proper authority demands they stop their silly, idiotic, childish approach to trying to play with our minds.

We know who the best man on that stage is -- camera angles or otherwise. We know and we also know 'they know' or they wouldn't be pulling this crap in the first place.

The jokes on them and their sense of control -- it's backfiring right in their pseudo-intelligent faces.

Vote RON PAUL 2008


1) sell your tv

2) cancel cable

donate savings to RP

email the sponsors

email the advertising/marketing managers at the companies who sponsor.
Tell them that the new audience is on sites like this one.
Why doesn't Ron Paul advertise on google placements?(Ads by Google) -Why not advertise on location based (LBS) mobile phones? (Get a .mobi mobile internet site)? Weather is one of the biggesst searches on LBS mobile phone searches and on PC. Advertise on weather sites? weather.com? How about mapping sites? They're very popular too.
Is RP HQ up to date with marketing techniques?

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.

Don't worry about the ads.

I can show people how to get there organically. Once brand managers see youtube vids turning up in Google's vertical search things will start to move quickly.

It may not take that though. It may be enough to scare people at board level.

Especially with the looming R word.

Idid this for a laugh

Google this "US Subprime mortgage problem explained" my site should be no.1 (my domain name is stewartmedia dot biz)

I know how to do this. Let's get cracking. Anyone else non-us based can help with collection of email addresses.

Ron Paul

Jim Stewart

Ithink it is an excellent plan,

It is our one true weapon

I am an expert at reaching the right people online.

I am in Australia tho so they are different sponsors here. Give me a list of US sponsors we should target and I will find their email addreses and those of everyone on their boards.

Lets go direct. Let them know we think they are damaging their brands by supporting these networks.

Trust me. The Brand Managers will sit up and take notice. Their livelihoods depend on it. By going directly to the inboxes of board members you would be amazed at the response you get. The email should be of a business nature. Let them know that you have been a faithful customer but can no longer support their products whilst they support suspression of free speech. Don't get angry.

It's just business. Don't get personal be polite and succinct. I own my own successful online marketing business. This stuff is just the beginning. Some of us may feel compelled to explain our decisions on You Tube. Some of us may know how to optimise properly so that our videos show up no.1 when someone googles their brand.

Someone give me a list and lets get to work. I can't work on the ground there . but I can lend a massive amount of help from my lazyboy downunder :-)

Jim Stewart