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Huckabee perceived negatively and Paul positively in debate article.

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Good article

It was upside down, but--better than some. The focus should have been on Dr. Paul, in my opinion.

Actually, the very fact that Dr. Paul gets NO airtime is proof that the CFR gang is worrried about Dr. Paul. If they were nice to him now, we would be in trouble. So this is really a good sign actually. However that does not mean they will allow him to win fairly. I already have a strong feeling that the polls have been messed up. Too many people voting in certain cases. Very low %s in other cases. For the poll to say Paul would get 3% in Florida and then for it to happen exactly that way is suspect.

Thanks for that post :-)

Nice read...

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thank God Huckabee now knows what it's like...

It was really unfair on the author's part...I don't perceive him as a whiner for saying something and I'm glad he spoke up.

I would be great, as manystrom excellently suggested, if the Paul and Huck camps got together for a separarate debate.

That being said, I appreciate the nice things the author said about Ron Paul. He just previously wrote a glowing article about him and I think he is a huge fan.

Oh, that was

good article poor guy will probably lose his job because of it. Bless, him.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

you are right, he can be sure to be laid off

Thank you though to him to write finally an unbiased article in the MSM

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Huck was justifiably annoyed for being treated like Ron Paul. It reminds me of that old saying about how if you don't stand up for injustices against others there will be no one to help when it is done to you.
I hope Huckabee's supporters are frustrated- they should be- but I also hope they see how common such treatment has become. Maybe they thought it was okay for MSM to ignore Paul. I hope they realize now why it isn't and why Paul supporters feel (and sometimes act) like we are being continuously stung.

I feel sorry for Huckabee

He got little time like we did.
There were moments that Huck and Paul gave each other looks like "Look at those two jerks over there saying a lot of absolutely nothing for 1 hour".

I could tell Huck was annoyed as much as Paul. This could actually help our two factions (social and fiscal conservatives) as if they united they could take down the other two. They LOOKED like that's what they were thinking too at that table.

Notice how Paul and Huck didn't attack each other directly.

Huck agreed with Romney that a Gov should be president, and thanked him for the endorsement.

Paul called McCain and Romney basically two little kids bickering over little matters when there are more important matters at hand.

Why feel sorry for Huck?

He had an opportunity to publicly address this media bias when HE was in the spotlight and RP & Tancredo were in the debate shadows. Instead, he chose to bask in the glory.

Now the he has been pushed to the side and no one is listening.

He is reaping what he has sown.

I have to disagree on one point

Huckabee is not a social conservative.

The only thing he is conservative on is religion.


Huckabee isn't a strict socialist either, MANY of Paul's supporters were liberals or neo-cons until they saw the light. None of us have ever been perfect, if Huck makes an obvious move to toward us we should accept him just as we have accepted all other Paul supporters. WE are the Big Tent, the GOP isn't anymore.

Isn't that what a 'social conservative' is?

Basically, he's a Compassionate Conservative (i.e. Liberal) but I think he's less of one than McCain and Romney.