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You did it, congratulations! Supporters today made RP's book #12 on AMAZON.

Preorders count now...but no pay until April 08--when book releases.

The people who pledged at RonPaulBookBomb.com today have caused Ron Paul's new Book, The Revolution: A Manifesto to rise to the Top 100 Bestsellers. It is now beating out both Obama and Colbert. This is just the beginning, of course. Look out for The Revolution in the top 10!

GO SEE....



Ron Paul Book Bomb
by Chris Brunner at January 31, 2008

The rumors about Dr. Paul coming out with a new book have been confirmed by several online booksellers!

April 30, 08 is the release date.

Grassroots @ RonPaulBookBomb.com has been created with the goal of making Dr. Paul's new book debut as a New York Times bestseller in addition to trying to make it #1 on Amazon.

From RonPaulBookBomb.com:
"Dr. Paul's first original book in over 20 years covers all the ideas of the Ron Paul Revolution: on war, sound money, terrorism, the economy, the IRS, civil liberties, the Constitution, and everything in between. Read the preface, and get a taste of just how important and explosive this book will be."

You can pledge to buy it...no money now...or, if you wish you can also pre-order from several major sources online---you will be billed $21. when it ships. If one pre-orders then it will get the numbers high on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and others too. See web site for details.

This effort in advance will help to get it on the NYT best sellers list...and will spread the Revolution...since MSM won't.


Please copy and share this info. with family, friends, email lists, meetups, other forums too! PS: Please be aware if you copy/paste this post (to share) watch the link from the DP, it cuts off part---so please be sure to copy/paste the link from the original web page.

Help share the Revolution!

* * *


You did it, congratulations! #12 ON AMAZON TODAY

Look out for The Revolution in the top 10!

GO SEE....


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#11 on Amazon

I just ordered. It's #11

Order it now for a First Edition copy!

I ordered 5 of RP's new book, one for me, four for gifts. I am a book nut, so it is very important to me and many people that know books that a FIRST EDITION copy is the most desirable. I don't know how many of these were printed for the first edition run, but I would guess that this book will go into a second editon printing before it's even released.

There is a very high probability that this books First Edition will definitely be a collectors item. I'm almost tempted to order a few more to sell later and make a few bucks on eBay. I sold Glenn Becks First Edition for $70 a couple of months ago.

If you figure that your going to be buying the book anyway, go ahead and buy it now and get yourself a Ron Paul First Edition collectible. You do realize that this campaign is history in the making, no matter what happens. They will be talking about this and studying our campaign for years to come. Our daughter goes to IU Indianapolis and they already talk about Ron Paul and this campaign in the Political Science classes.

The only way we can lose is to forget that we are winning!


My family pre-ordered 3. keep on swingin'...


I've brought this up before and I'm excited that someone has jumped on the idea. However, to make it to the NYT bestseller list, I am 99% certain the books must be purchased at BRICK AND MORTAR bookstores (ie - a PHYSICAL Barnes and Noble store).

You may want to make that clear on your website.

FALSE - where you getting your info on '99% sure'????

The exact methodology used in creating the list is classified as a trade secret.[4]

As of 1992, according to Edwin Diamond in his book Behind the Times, the survey encompasses over 3,000 bookstores as well as "representative wholesalers with more than 28,000 other retail outlets, including variety stores and supermarkets."[4]

You may want to ask someone

You may want to ask someone that has gotten a book on the NYT list. I know two. They both tried the Amazon bestseller thing first. They had thousands of people buy on Amazon and made it to #1 very quickly. It did not get them even close to getting on the NYT Bestseller list.

They only got on the NYT list when they requested their subscribers buy large amounts of books (100 copies or more) from BRICK and MORTAR bookstores.

I'm offering constructive advice. If you don't like it - do it your way.

I personally would like to see RP's book on the NYT bestseller list. The Amazon list doesn't do as much for sales except as a potential marketing blurb to put on the front cover of future editions.

Any confirmation on this...?

That really doesn't sound correct to me... but I don't actually know.

It may have changed but I

It may have changed but I have many marketer friends that have used "#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER" to gain credibility. It's not that difficult to get to the top of Amazon. It is much more difficult to get to #1 on the NYT bestseller list.

All of these marketers have informed me that only BRICK AND MORTAR sales are used in the calculation of NYT Bestsellers.

I plegded!

What a great idea!

RP supporters are so creative. Quite an enterprising bunch.

I hope it works. If the NYT doesn't acknowledge it, I bet the online sellers will.

Great AND...

I posted this early AM and put it on other forums too..and encourage others to do same. The counter ticks ...so I saw it go from 200....racing up to 400 in no time...now, it is in the 1,000's.

One guy where I just posted the update Amazon #12 today...ordered 11 copies just now...and put his order confirmation info. page shot...up for all to see....

Way to go everyone...this is an outstanding way to get the word on on Revolution...share RP's freedom, liberty message and piece in updated book form.

Books comes out April 08. No pay till then...but pre-orders count towards numbers NOW.



RP's book is only $14 at Barnes & Noble

It is $21 on Amazon.

So I pre-ordered 2 copies from B & N.

At #11 now

Wow it's at #11 and isn't even due out for 3 months. Can a book become a best-seller without actually ever having sold a single copy? This is awesome!

This could be big

making the best seller list will herd in new sheeple. We'll see if NYT prefers making money to supressing RP's message.

I think we should push this.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead

Can't wait to read this!

I just preordered through the Daily Paul ad link. By the way, it appears that this will be available in CD format, too. Great for people who want to listen while they commute or senior citizens who have poor eyesight.

THANKS...for pre-order...

See update--RP Book Makes #12 on Amazon today.

Not trying to be negative, but...

...the MSM has had no problem pretending Dr. Paul doesn't exist, what makes you think they'll have a problem pretending this book doesn't exist, no matter how well it sells or rates or whatever?

Not saying we shouldn't go nuts buying and pushing it, just saying I've seen no evidence to tell me this will ever make the NYT Bestsellers List no matter what.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em


"not to be negative but"...

can you conceive of buying a 21. dollar book read, educate yourself, and then to possibly pass on to someone else on freedom, liberty, and peace from a master author? by chance...making top ratings would only be icing--getting more exposure to the message !

I just said...

...that we should still go nuts buying and pushing it... did I not?

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em


.. you said that ;)

evening shift...


Way Cool

this is going to be great! Great gifts too! #1

what timing!

on around!

you can buy his last book on sale at ron paul store for 10$

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

Help please...if you can't pledge $21. just PLEASE PASS IT ON

Help get out the word please...hundreds of people have pledged for this book within few minutes...as I posted it around on several sites...

Not to be negative, but it

Not to be negative, but it is NOT his first book in 20 years and should not say that. Please get your facts straight. ALso, if it is $16.00 at Barnes and Noble I would sure want to get it there instead of Amazon, so I hope you work that out.