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How to punish McCain and Huckabee's bank.

I know that many do not believe in dirty tactics in politics and I am for the most part one of them. However, I recently had an idea on how to slowly bleed McCain and Huckabee's funds. If you do a google search on these candidates you will notice they are paying for top spots on the search engine. Every click is costing them $00.03. Every other ad you see that directs them to their websites also costs them(I think). So let us gather a half an hour of each of our days and search and click over and over and over. If every single RP supporter does this we can make an impact at their costs. Luckily Ron Paul is so popular on the net he doesn't have to pay for top listing so this tactic cannot be reciprocated. So I'm on my way to go make McHuckeberry pay for top listing. I hope you will join me.

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Donate. Canvass. Signup. Now

Donate. Canvass. Signup. Now or never.

Better idea

Just become a Precinct leader and Let's WIN this thing!

It won't work...

...because Google Ad Words and Yahoo Search Marketing have stop gaps in place to protect advertisers from such. The servers perceive/log your machine and will only "pass" billing on for one click per URL daily.

It's not Ron's way, either... although I personally do like the idea this particular morning seeing as our huge RP mini-billboard was stolen overnight from it's high profile location on US 441.