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"The Republican establishment will sacrifice the party itself to fend off freedom."

The Daily Bell | May 14, 2014

[The GOP's] Dominant Social Theme: Rubio, right man for the time.

Free-Market Analysis: In this past presidential election, the Republican Party establishment brain trust was so worried about libertarian Ron Paul that the party furiously staved off the congressman's bid before settling on the more establishment friendly Mitt Romney.

Of course, they might have well have settled on Puff the Magic Dragon, as Romney's candidacy soon went up in smoke, and the result was the election of Barack Obama.

The fundamental problem faced by Republican insiders is that the libertarian strain in US politics is a dominant one. When one adds up both democratic and republican libertarians, it can be seen that this worldview is immensely popular. How could it not be? Most people do not enjoy high taxes, rapid price inflation, unemployment, serial wars, virtually untrammeled regulation and all the other features of the current regulatory democracy.

And when it comes to this sort of social organization, the negatives are rapidly outweighing the positives. There is only so much redistribution that can be offered; a collapsing economy cannot simply be redistributed into comity. At some point, enough people will have had enough.

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the Daily Bell is a daily read for me

Has been for years.

One of the most insightful blogs online. Always on point.

I agree.

I agree.