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Dear DP Members - I Am Willing To Do FREE Photoshop Work For You!

Hello DPers. You can find me hanging out here every day. You guys are like family to me; my intellectual family. And I just love it here.

One of my skills and hobbies is doing photoshop work. I can edit and manipulate photos, add captions, create banners and logos... you name it; and I love doing this stuff. And it is something that I can do while I work my normal job without affecting me. And it would actually help pass the time while I am at work.

So if you have any graphic arts wants or needs, could use flyers, logos, banners, advertisements, signs, stickers, pamphlets, anything to help a campaign, or are in need of assistance on a graphics project, I WOULD BE THRILLED to help you out with that. And if you know or see someone that could use that type of service here on the boards, please put them in contact with me.



Just please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Only request things that YOU ACTUALLY WANT AND WILL USE in some way; ie things that will be printed or posted; sign, flyer, pamphlet, newsletter or mailer; website banner/logo, caption photo for facebook, logo/banner for emails... I would rather not waste others time or mine. Please refrain from frivolous requests that will not be printed, posted, or shared.

2. BE SPECIFIC in what you want; I prefer to do as few drafts as possible; and as little "follow up" as possible.

3. If you have "a style" that you are going for, try to find images or links of similar art that you can refer to.

4. Give a time frame. If you need something soon let me know. If there is a serious deadline, make sure you state it.

5. If you do make a request, please be respect that the fact that I am DOING WORK for you. BE DILIGENT in checking back. If I feel people are wasting my time, I may lose patience.

6. If you could, mention to others where the work came from and refer them here if they want some work done as well.

Example 1: "I would like a coffee cup logo similar to this one: www.linkettylink.com. With the words "LibertyBell.com" on the cup. It is for my existing website. I would like it to have solid colors.

Example 2: "I need the following banner/sign put into a format that can be printed at kinko's: www.linkettylink.com. I need it by next Monday. And I would like the text to be green with a black outline and an orange background.

See how specific the above examples are?


Here is a running list of projects people have proposed thus far, just so we can keep it organized, and to let others chime in or assist if they see something they can help with:

  1. Jungleboogie: Caption this picture:

    Caption: "OK, we agree on Guantanamo, Drones, NSA spying, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, No Child Left Behind, Obamacare, TARP bailouts, NDAA, Snowden, PIPA, SOPA, Blackwater, CIA prisons, big government, big deficits and everything else. But don't forget that in public you are a fascist and I am a socialist. Maintain the illusion George, or we are screwed."

  2. WildSatchmo: Charlie Crist & Rick Scott are running against a great Liberty candidate named Adrian Wyllie (the guy who got arrested for driving with no license to protest Florida's real ID act).

    One of Adrian's best talking points is, that rick scott and charlie crist are the same. Photos of Scott that have crist's playskool looking hairdo, or a shiny bald rick scott cap on charlie crist would probably look epic, and help deliver a point. Might make for some good flyers =) Maybe two criminal wanted posters for "Rick Crist" and "Charlie Scott".

  3. ChristianAnarchist: It's a little early for the 2016 elections but in 2015 I might want to do a "Rand Paul Liberty Challenger" to go with my "Ron Paul Liberty Corvette". If you've seen the Corvette (Google "Ron Paul Corvette") you get a good idea of what I'd want for the Rand campaign only using the Dodge Challenger (hemi of course) as the donor car...

  4. jason4idaho: I have a logo for my Idaho House Campaign....but the logo is only sized for websites, and not for printing on 2'x4' banners. Any chance you have time in the next 6hrs to help make something roughly similar in a 2 color vector graphic for use at a Kinkos so I can print out a few banners for sign waves on election day? Kinkos needs 24hrs for a vinyl banner, and the primary is Tuesday.

  5. Treg: I need a radio show logo for " Just Talkin' ". Its a brand new internet Radio show I am starting with a 72 year old vietnam vet.

  6. Mat Blankenship: I could use all the help I can get to spread the word about the illustrated Ron Paul biography for youth. "Meet Ron Paul" is a grassroots effort to put a RP biography in as many schools as possible. We have a FB page that promotes the book and libertarian ideals. HTTP://facebook.com/MeetRonPaul Any help with creating images that can be shared would be awesome.

  7. wearewinning: great work i want to build a website for a startup soon for tiny homes/ cabins . i just bought the web name libertycabins.com and my logo that i want is a eagle head with a double handle buck saw for wings the eagle head would be in the middle.NOTE the buck saw is like the 6 foot long ones for cutting down redwood trees back in the day. i have one in my wood shop on the wall and i printed out a large eagle head and placed it in the center. i cant draw for crap tho maybe you have some ideas.


And some results:


Below are a few samples of my work:

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DPer who creates ads, fliers, banners, etc.

Keep in mind.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.


This is very generous of you to offer.

Thank You!

I have 3 friends from the M.E. who will be returning from their summer here in Myrtle Beach. (in a few weeks)

I've grown fond of these guys. They are very intelligent, funny and peaceful.

We've spent many a wee hour smoking hookah and talking about all things liberty.

One of them said to me the other day: "Thanks for waking me up"

It warmed my heart.

Anyway, I want to give them a very special and personal gift and I think you might be able to help me.

Down on the beach, there are custom tshirt shops, and they'll make any shirt you want if you bring the an image to copy from.

Ron Paul wearing a 'hateh' with "Peace, Love, Gold' logo underneath is what I'm looking for. And maybe the love/r3volution logo under that or wherever you think it might fit.

A 'hateh' is that white and black head scarf that Yasser Arafat made famous.

There are 2 colors of 'hateh's'. The black on white represents the Palestinian people & red on white represents the people of Jordan (who are mostly Palestinian descendants since '47/'48. Either one would do the job.

If you can help with this, I'll have 5 shirts made and give one away here on the DP.

You have 1st dibs on the extra one.


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I may have to take you up on this.

You still want it?


I have about 3 weeks to make it happen.

Please and thank you, if you care to.


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Would you like it to be photo real, or monochrome?

So I can make it monochrome, like this:

Or photo real like the beard pictures above.

What is your preference?

And please just send your response to:


So we can initiate email contact.

Thanks, Dave.

That momochrome is perfect!

Nice start, tks.

Email on the way.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Monochrome it is

I'll get started on a draft.

I'll get to work quickly

I will try to start tomorrow.

Send me an email at capoman1@gmail.com

The rest of the process will be in email.

I sent you an email

but never heard back. Did it maybe end up in your junkbox?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

My latest work

This thread is pretty old, but the offer still stands. Here is the latest request completed for Michael G:

Thanks again, ETDE

Here btw is a thread I concocted when celebrating your generosity and craftmanship


Great Work! I'd Love One...

First: Those Rand beards are great - i could look through another thousand different versions - and different people in the liberty movement as well... (I'm sure a youtube slideshow would get a ton of hits)

Second: I would LOVE it if you could put together a YouTube Channel Banner for me. YT Recommends Banner Size 2560 x 1440 Max File Size: 2MB

A merging of these images:

1) Thomas Jefferson: http://curiosity360.com/images/blog_images/thomas-jefferson.jpg
2) 18th Century Map: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-PRKD0ldjoVY/TXu2LdidwjI/AAAAAAAACp... , and
3) Bookshelf Background:http://www.wallpaperscastle.com/wooden-bookshelf-design-free-desktop-wallpaper.html

And then if possible, I'd like the text to say: "Philosopher of Freedom" in the top left, and "PoF" in the center, using this type of script, but maybe a different color to fit the other images: http://www.myfonts.com/newsletters/sp/200511.html (Royal Classic Bold)

However long it takes - is OK for this price point ;)
3 weeks or better would be pretty unbelievable.

Cheers! and i'll absolutely link where you want, mention you, credit you etc...

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

Try this out

Hey thanks for being so specific. Here is a quicky. Didn't think the map fit in, but I can try if you have suggestions. Tell me what you think of this.

NICE! Thank You!

I think you're feckin' awesome.
thank you!

I like the bottom font for "philosopher of freedom" best --- it looks pretty SICK!

The "P.o.F" is a bit hard to read - would it be easy to switch out the fonts and make the "O" lower case?
If it's even remotely bothersome, no worries - I'm just grateful for the work.

Do you have website ?

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

Pick your fonts!

Hey PoF. I have collected some fonts just for this. These are what I have available on my PC. Pick the fonts you want for each item:

or this

This was FUN to look through

Thanks, Enjoying!
I wasn't expecting more options!

Can we try #16 for the full script? That just looks so absolutely like the feel I want - what is that called ? I want that in my notepad so I can see a full page in that font. I love it - i want it up on a wall - I can just stare at it and get that intellectual, virtuous feeling -

And for the Initials - yeah maybe you're right - we should try something more easily readable - how's about #8 ?


PS - are all these fonts available in photo shop ?
they're all cool in their own right!

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

What sayeth you?

I tip my hat to you, sir!

Looks - awesome.

Easier to read.
Looks classy
tom Jefferson staring at you, like: Yes - I read these books. This is how much I know.

It's money - thank you!
How do I give you credit?

Screen Name ?
Real Name ?

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

Not even sure

Haha. I just do this for fun and practice. So your compliments are "credit" enough. No need to "give credit."

Instead, I would request that you send people here if you meet someone you think I could help. I just love this stuff. And I do most of it while I pass the time at my work.

How is this?

Would you like to have a different font for PoF? Or is the cursive font alright?

Thank you. I may have such a need.

on a campaign website.....

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

That's great work

but why did two people saw the head off that eagle?

Defend Liberty!

Thanks EnjoyingTheDeepEnd

for your generous offer, especially for those of us working on a political project.

As can be seen here, I've started a new Party as a Candidate for local office
and would greatly appreciate your help (and creative input) when designing an emblem for signage etc.

Please thus see my raw imagery attached, where ringed text surrounded by some embellishment seems most ideal (similar to this shape also)

Fortunately this is nothing urgent, but thanks altogether for your consideration-
Mike G

Hey there

Need some more ideas. If I do a logo, it is best if it is monochrome, meaning just solid shapes.

And it will always print best if done so. So here is the main shape that you posted.

Need more ideas on the overall layout.

See if you can find SIMILAR banners or logos that looked good to you. Perhaps we can go off of a known layout.

And here his a mock up of the logo pieces, you can drag and play around with that to taste, get that layed out to your liking, and we will crop off the rest, and choose your color layout afterwards: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1IkX5niJDoSoxPmM-8-cheZWY...



I experimented with the shapes (and Paint), while the basic placement of the figure atop is good.

I'd like the design however not to have a sun (parallel to Communist and President Obama's 2008 symbology)
and would prefer cloud-shapes, if possible.

Also, it'd be wonderful if the words could encircle the ring

btw if preferring to talk by e-mail, I'm at complexarray@gmail.com



This is really neat, and I'll toy with it while likely adding some more ideas.

Till next-

Just to show the final result of this one

Ever been to

Ever been to www.clientsfromhell.net?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I like the Randolf...

...or is it Rand Paulf? Or Gand Paul?

The Bernanke beard looks good too, Rand should rock the beard.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?