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Operation American Spring Friday 5/16/2014 - Why is Nobody Talking About It?

I remember this being talked about a few months ago, but I just saw this on Drudge this evening. I see nothing on Infowars, just posted on Rense, BeforeitsNews has it listed, but I don't hear anybody talking about it. The Washington Times has a story about it today, that was linked from Drudge, stating 1 million militia are heading to Washington DC, and hopes of millions more patriots to protest, but nobody is talking about this? They claim they are protesting for the removal of Obama, Biden, Holder, Boener, McConnell, Reid, and Pelosi for direlict of duty to the Constitution.

Like most events, I doubt there will be anything close to what they are stating, but this could be a staged setup, with Fed infiltrators in the militia groups to promote 'false flag' violence, which could lead to Obama's desires for declaring Martial Law. This would mean his taking the role as the 'real' Dictator in Chief, with the legislation and EO's set in place. I would think AJ, the master exagerator of possible 'false flags' would be warning about this, but I see nothing nor have heard anything about this. It's allegedly being promoted by the Tea Party Nation, but where has the alternative press been in promoting what's about to transpire? All I got to say is keep your eyes and ears open tomorrow, because this could be the the Waterloo event for Martial Law.


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The best way to control the opposition is to lead it -- Lenin

The “Global Spring” Begins - Propaganda Psy-Op?

“The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4th and runs through July 4th…”

Washington’s Blog has brought to our attention a series of videos produced by “ Wave of Action ” and “Anonymous” concerning the launching of a “Worldwide Global Awakening”, a so-called “Global Spring.”

“What do you think, Powerful or Impotent? Genius or Idiocy? Productive or Counterproductive?” asks Washington’s Blog.

The videos use powerful and emotional quotes, yet they fail to acknowledge the dramatic economic, social and geopolitical realities affecting humanity.

“Move out and do it”. But in relation to what?

Does the Wave of Action have an Action Program?

The Manipulation of the Protest Movement

Read More:


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Just tuned into the live

Just tuned into the live stream and they (Mark Connors and a caller) are talking about Mark Connors threatening to send a couple of guys over to straighten out a previous caller. What the heck is this? I don't know anything about this movement but, from my short watch this is not so good.

Shouldn't they be organizing recall elections if they want to remove folks from office?

Operation ignore DC

Would be far more productive. Get a few million to ignore the IRS, DEA, BATF, BLM, DHS,p etc. Etc. and the French shower bags on capitol hill then you might start getting somewhere.


Pointless and partisan?

Because These Springs are gateways to facsist regimes.

Libya. Egypt, Ukraine ...

They have been shown to be financed to destroy liberty and carefully regulated by spy agencies.

Protesting is for suckers who believe in pouting and crying.

Fact is, that investors have bought US Treasuries and expect a return on investment.

Fact is government doesn't produce profits for services rendered. Investors rely on looting and taxing to pay the interest on their loans.

The Federal debt has only grown since 1893; No principal paid.

Free includes debt-free!


Catherine Austin Fitts mentioned Global spring, being an approved agenda by 183 countries in one of her recent videos.

trying to dig that up but the video has been deleted multiple times on Youtube. the link I have was deleted.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Gregg Hunter (recent video)


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

I'd be happy

if they got 100,000 militia members there.

Would be the largest gathering of militia in ... forever?

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Because a million is enough?

What is it about the MILLION thing? As indicated in other replies, the magic word MILLION just doesn't have that much MSM power. And here we go again. Actions like this are historically about getting MSM attention to spread the message. If not, the stated purpose is to tell BHO and government to "leave".

What do you think the chances of this actually happening are?

At any rate this is a 3%er thing which means aspects of the militia movement. I've been a bit hard on them of late with the whole Bundy thing but their subsequent thing in Utah actually came of surprisingly well. They might just be getting message control in hand a bit better.

But there you are. That's one thing they've never really had. Message control. Adam Kokesh single handedly created more stir just by talking about an armed march in DC than this party has so far with a "million". Talk about a force multiplier.

I'll be following this with interest. As pointed out in other replies, we don't see some hallmarks of veteran activism here, no coalitioning with other groups, no real marketing campaign, they are going it alone, I assume they have permits and an action plan, let's see, I wish them well. If they get any more publicity than Mark Dice standing there chanting "you libtards are gonna lose" ad nauseum I'll be personally pleased.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I'm not talking about it

Because I have no interest in it.

I've marched on DC once before - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8tX4mmo_RY

And while it was a day I'll never forget, I prefer to focus on things that matter in my local community and working behind the scenes with liberty media creators. Our towns need our continued involvement far more than DC needs another rally in my opinion.

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I have been checking for news

I have been checking for news on OAS. As you said, there is not much news and any news that I read from MSM was negative propaganda as expected.


I don't think I had heard of this.

It Seems Like a Good Group

There have been several interviews on GCN with the organizers all day on Thursday. Michael Savage also had an interview on Thursday. From what I can see, they seem like a good, peaceful group. I only have two concerns. (1) Violent infiltration by the wrong crowd that would give a bad name to liberty. (2) A poor turnout due to the refusal of liberty media to cover it - but they will cover the poor turnout.

Coverage has been negative in most of mainstream media making it sound like these guys plan to physically remove officials. This is not their plan and they are being demonized and slandered (what else is new?).

I do not understand why Alex Jones has refused to promote it - he has two of his reporters in Washington at this time and should have no problem sending them to cover it.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


I heard nothing about this until today. You're right, this event is made of the same material that major events are sewn from. They need to be ousted. The Constitution is being trampled. I want to go.

I'll admit it. I'm scared.

I'll go. I hope it doesn't turn into a bloodbath. My kid can't grow up in the country they're turning us into. This needs to happen. I shared it on Facebook. I hope I see you there. Be courageous and rest assured that you are doing right. Good luck.