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Guess? Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Hello DPers,

I got emotional from this story.

Do you think this is a 'good' cop or 'bad' cop story?


Kansas Girl, 8, Steers Unconscious Mother's Car ...

Abby Porter was riding alongside her mother on the way to school Wednesday morning when her mother, Shelly Porter, slumped unconscious in the driver's seat. Young Abby grabbed hold of the steering wheel as the car kept going, ...

Officer James Hamilton spotted the car weaving back and forth between two eastbound lanes ...


Guess what happens next?


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Definitely Good Cop...

Wish more cared about protecting and serving.


story to wake up to this morning. Thank you for the article.

I believe it is more than

good or bad. There is a mixture of both in all of us. I like to think I am much more good than bad, especially when it comes to my dumb teenage days. What proportion is in each of us is something to reflect upon.

-Matthew Good