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Out of the frying ranch and into the pyre in DC? Million Militia Mobilized?

WE LEFT Smudge Pot News breathlessly reporting on the Bundy Ranch situation, what was it about? Why did this happen? Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? And why oh why did somebody let that kindly elderly gentleman get on national media to discuss race issues? Is this the real thing or is this a drill? What's a stand-down?

And then I went into a rant on the Utah action. 6 groups, no unity of message, here comes the militia again, OMG, WTF, how about some organization here people I mean seriously let's get it together...

Well I've often said when I'm wrong it's generally a good thing. Yes, when I'm wrong it can only be for the good of all living things and harmony in the universe.

Last time I went on a "can we just get it together here people" rant was the trucker thing in DC. I'm always on this "read the activist 101" kick. And the trucker thing came and went and by the time it was done my smug attitude was on the floor and all I could do was admire the actual truckers. Not the dizzy fanfare and the almost pitiful attempts to woo media coverage (you don't woo them, you grab them by the nose and drag them to what you want them to see), the truckers themselves. I had to take the time and really look but these guys are among my heros.


The Utah thing, to the extent it was covered, which was not much at all, but it resulted in some of the best, most balanced coverage of pretty much anything in a while and there was OBVIOUS MESSAGE CONTROL! There was ZERO coverage of groups opposed to vehicle access demonstrators, it was peaceful to the point of docility, there was law enforcement riding around on horseback, there were MILITIA there, (eek militia) BUT we didn't see camo and tons of guns, it looked like a fun family day in the sun.

Funny thing here is to the extent the MSM did report on this Utah action which I won't even bother going into more detail on, is that it was "the next Bundy Ranch standoff" and nobody, I mean NOBODY, not the feds, not the Bundy family representative on scene, not the militia, not the sheriff, NOBODY wanted another hostile stand down. So for once, and let this be recorded,


I mean gee, is that something or what?

The hippies had this old saying, "what if they had a war and nobody came?". Well we (in the broader "we" sense) went to war but nobody pulled the trigger. On humans that is. There were plently of cows got shot. Some human on cow violence but no human on human violence. We had a war and nobody fired. guys hungry?

It seems if there ain't gonna be a fight, we can all just either go home or we can try talking about it again. Heck how about just breakfast? How about we all just have breakfast?

So that brings us up to this Million Mobilized Militia Man March (my term). First off, what is it with this million thing? The term million (insert issue/identity group here) march started with Louise Farrakan in the mid 1990s or something but I'll tell you right now, nobody has mobilized anything like that since the 1960s. However for sheer media impact and perhaps some sort of pervasive inflationary effect, one would think a BILLION or TRILLION would be commensurate.

In fact, one single Adam Kokesh stirred up more shizz in the media regarding asserting our rights through force of arms than this whole fandangle so far. Talk about a force multiplier.

What I point to here is perhaps some rapid assimilation of message control, some learning from mistakes, more dialog, maybe some rebranding....notice how there's no discussion of guns attached to this DC thing so far? Are we gonna see guys in deployment gear (de-facto "uniform" as on field of battle) or are we gonna see people dressed as they do when they go to the supermarket? Are we gonna see and hear these folks articulate a message and inspire positive action going forward?

What would you see as a positive direction moving forward from this action?

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Ed is trying to keep an eye on them

but there's not much to report.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

And on the many reasons why this is important: feds have kids.

The feds have kids too.

Many of you are young. Some of us are old and some of us are getting old faster like Smudge. But we don't just remember incidents of violence like poor Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge or the slaughter of the innocents with David Koresh in Waco Texas and it's in fact how this movement, in very BROAD terms, avoided lethal outcomes with Ed and Elaine Brown in New Hampshire and at Bundy it came way, way, way too close,


I understand about our adversion to talking about it and not wanting to present this face to the public but Rachel Maddow broke it to her cadres. Cat is out of the bag. There are two, not one but TWO verified instances of drawdown between whom were supposed to be peace keepers and two is exactly and precisely two too many.

I mean here "we" are in a standoff, us and the feds, for the first time in living memory we got brothers of this same nation and land fixing each other in the sights, permission to go live, finger on trigger, everybody has their target picked out.

Everybody's daddy was on a shopping list that day. Can you imagine if on that day a single shot had broke out?

I can. I don't want to but I'm going to right now.

Every single one of us and every single one of them would have drawn and gone into firing position and everybody would have fired. Because we have the same training: you don't wait to hear the bang, an enemy assuming firing position intends to kill you by the very same rule that all guns are always loaded: we don't fool around at that point.

I tell you, those who pray for peace must have been working overtime in those days and I thank you for it. No less than the peace keepers who went there in good faith and with good training. I thank you brothers, the early response team was totally awesome, it's mostly political and diplomatic failure here. Much respect.

To you feds, everybody's daddy went home that day and that is something to be thankful for and as far as follow up goes, we know, we have seen some of you cry for what happened and what you participated in. I personally validate your pain. And as a man, I am sorry for you. I hope that you can attain the path of healing in your own life and with your own children. That was bad business brothers. And it was bad to slay the children at Ruby and it was wrong to firebomb the ActUp people in Philadelphia and it's always going to be wrong.

If anyone associated with us ever does something like this and we don't already revile them you just let us know. Until then, thank every badge on scene for not firing. And thank every defender too. And thank God that everybody's daddy went home so far.

Let's see if we can push out that permimiter.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Meanwhite under the sheets....

there's people going to work...sticking their noses into dusty crypts...there are a couple of questions smudge wants more info on.


1. There's a bunch of even fringier fringes than us decrying this action.

2. Whiffs of possible teabagger connections and even nefarious figures of the state apparatus.

3. There is a disconnect between us and this circle of organizers. I call them circle not for the least of reasons is there's continuity between this and the trucker thing and now potentially the Bundy thing which we just have to find a new name for because for some reason pinning what happned in Nevada on one elderly gentleman rancher just seems wrong for so many reasons...but I guess what I'm gonna wanna examine is this:

THERE IS THIS HISTORIC DISCONNECT BETWEEN US POLITICAL ACTIVISTS AND THESE MILITIA TYPES and it's not just their renown secrecy. This is partly us and it's a cultural disconnect first.

I know first hand because I have played the role of gate keeper on tons of conf calls and email lists and forums and all kinds of networking for various organizations for years. And from our POV the conflice is eventually "one of these guys" would start to spew racism or actual actionable violent talk or drag in "Dominionist" Christian values to the point where we were alienating our own base, not only did we distance ourselves from them, we banned and blocked them after few warnings. So on that level, "they" reached out to us and we slammed the door in their face, locked it and battened it down.

OK I'm not gonna say that was a mistake. But it wasn't judgement on the individuals or even that we didn't understand where they were coming from but when you are doing politics, and all politics is communication, that's just not what we were building.

From their POV we are mostly helplessly lost and deluded pansies. And hey, I'm OK with that. We've all done enough reading and have enough passion to understand. Not a lot more needs be said. A man with a rifle explains about all a sensible person needs to know under any circumstances. Or sensible patriot or constitutionalist or anarchist or minarchist or whatever ist you is.

Is you is or is you ist my baby?

But these...guys keep doing almost parodically inept actions which demonstrate almost NONE of our savvy. And there's an IDEOLOGICAL integration here but there's no ON THE GROUND integration. Heck, who are these people again?

What is it here really? What is this wall? And should we be reaching out? Are these our ideological cousins on the ground here or is this some alien life form that coinhabits this planet with us at this time?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

So Far...

All I have 'seen' for participants are old people that can afford to go to D.C. with some retirement money (before it too is confisated), and a guy in an RV spewing his mind incessantly (Mark Connors - link not included, but it's also on Ustream).

We'll see in about a half an hour.

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Just check the POTUS and ViCe POTUS...

...schedule and they will be at the WhItE HoUsE all day...will martial law be enforced in the WDC area within the next few days. (StAtE Of EmErGeNcY for a practice run)

Live stream not working. I did a random check of traffic cameras in DC area and nothing spotted yet...

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


When I imagine you, I imagine someone like Max Headroom in real life.

Just another weekend march in DC

Goes on all the time. Obama and his court. Will blow town for the weekend. Or look out the window and laugh. Maybe if a peaceful march of a minimum of twenty million and all the people that actually voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 primarys .Not the Paullites that didn't vote. They should stay home and watch TV drink diet cokes and eat Cheetos. My opinion.

Money talks and dogs bark