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Try It: Find a Senate Dem Who Would Make This @SenRandPaul Speech on Mandatory Minimums

Posted On 16 May 2014
By : lauren victoria burke

Would Mark Warner or Dianne Feinstein make the speech below on mandatory minimums? Would Tim Kaine, Manchin or Donnelly? It’s fun to watch some on the left continue to give Democrats a pass on the issue of over incarceration, mandatory minimums and the war on drugs. Instead the question is can we trust Rand Paul? — he’s against voter ID…? this article wonders. That’s comical.

But what Black leaders should focused on are the Democrats who support mandatory minimums. Can we trust Chuck Schumer of Sens. Manchin or Feinstein. As Sen. Paul says the same thing Reps. John Conyers and Bobby Scott have been saying on the issue for 25 years, many Senate Democrats haven’t. These are Senators who get the majority of black votes yet say and do nothing on the issue of over incarceration.

Why is the left giving a pass to Democrats who never speak out against over incarceration and then worrying about Rand Paul’s views on voter ID? Which issue has destroyed more lives over incarceration or voter ID? Back in January EIGHT DEMOCRATS on the Senate Judiciary Committee voter FOR adding mandatory minimums to legislation that is supposed to reduce them. The irony. Only TWO Democrats voted against: Pat Leahy and Mazie Hirono.




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check out the speech too.

it's from a few months ago but I don't think it was ever posted at Daily Paul.

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for someone calling out the lame ass Democrats for once... it's not even from a libertarian website (actually is devoted to covering African American issues) so it is refreshing to see.