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What an amazing man Ron Paul is!

To show such grace, class and restraint during last night's "debate." To have such control instead of losing it like McCain or Romney. This is a man of true strength, a man we need in the White House.

I know, some of you may think that he's wimpy or not aggressive enough, and that was my first reaction.

But it takes an enormous amount of strength of character and self-assurance to not become a bullying buffoon like the others.

Think about it: Ron Paul has been treated poorly for all of his life in politics. He's not about to get down on their level now and play their silly games. He's the one who is strong, not them. They are weak because they have to rely on their narcissism and sound bites to get them through the debate.

And Ron Paul will be the last man standing, either way. And we'll stand with him. Will you?


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Ron Rocked Last Night

Let's face it, when he spoke last night, he made the others look like bumbling fools. When he started talking about the economy, all they could do was smile - they had no clue what he was talking about...

By the way, I am seeing and hearing adds in Colorado now!

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

you're right

I know I go back and forth, but really I love Ron Paul and thank him for waking me and my whole family up. Though I wish he could wake up more people, I'm still grateful for waking me up. At this point, Ron Paul is a real man of character and integrity.

It's sad that he's being treated this way because 20 years ago he wouldn't have been treated this way in a debate. I sometimes want him to get mad, but now I think he would be playing into the game. The rest of them are wrong and we should be ashamed to let this happen. Shame on the media or their rediculous behavior. Politics is now trying to compete with Hollywood. I'll never forget hearing about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitts break up on the CNN ticker. Ever since Hollywood is on the same page as everything else on the news. Now it's mainstream. Sick.

Ron Paul is awesome...

your absolutely right. It takes balls to put up with what Ron Paul has put up with during his campaign. He is such a true leader!!



It must be difficult to remain poised and composed when being treated blatantly unfair.
Paul has had a lot of experience here, which helps.
Huckabee isn't used to it and suddenly understood how hard it is to sit there while everyone else is getting your turn.
It was as if McCain and Romney were playing frontsies-backsies all night and the end of the line was supposed to let them or sound like whiner-babies.
Paul knows this.
Huckabee is now being accused of whining because he gently complained about being treated poorly.
Huckabee is good about keeping his composure so to see him get ruffled shows how difficult it is to remain graceful when getting "The Ron Paul Treatment" from the MSM.

i think being screwed on time might help us....

People are going to notice now because it has become so blatant, they are going to think, "who is this guy who the media doesnt want to let talk??" im thinking their foolish plan will backfire on them

also, all RP needs is a few questions anyway.....think about it, all the others just ramble about nothing, so let them talk all day, when RP starts speaking truth his words are worth 10,000 times anyone else's....

their bickering and squabbling does nothing but bore people, RP's truth causes earthquakes in the minds and hearts of Americans...

keep donating, we have to keep this message getting out, barely any delegates have been given out, come a brokered convention RP definitely stands a chance

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

Yes, we all will

Stand for him because he is fighting for us!

Its called jujitsu...

...and Dr. Paul is a master of it, debate-wise.

He plugs along, dropping educational hints to the public, moving aside when a punch is thrown, then swiftly delivering a knock out punch when the moment is right....he owned mittens/mclame on the bickering.

think of who has brought up these issues in debate across all candidacies:

pulling out of iraq
north american union
crashing dollar
civil liberties erosion
motivation for terror

these are American values he is exampling and questioning. this is a 15 round fight and the good doctor has the fuel to go the distance and the crowd that is growing to cheer his victory.

I agree

I thought he did very well last night. He spoke with urgency and passion when given the chance. He pointed out that McCrank and Mittens were wasting time and weren't talking about the real problem. Just think of how many more people heard him say that the fed was the problem with our money. I thought it went very well all things considered.