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Radio Host Tony Stiles Arrested And Detained In Texas

DP, what should one do? Very upsetting!


Stiles is currently on a national “Truth, Liberty, & Solutions” speaking tour.

El Paso police and DHS give him and his team trouble.


El Paso, TX- Tony Stiles, a radio personality and popular figure in the liberty movement, has spoken exclusively with Benswann.com about his encounter with the Department Of Homeland Security in Texas. Stiles and two members of his tour team were arrested and detained for over seven hours Thursday after he was stopped by DHS.


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One Had To "Take" The Possession Charge

...in order for the three of them to be released. Why not tell the agent who planted the drugs to make the decision, since he must have had one of them in mind when he did it?

It seems like if they were being framed

something more than marijuana would have been used.

Should Be Easy To Find Out

...just determine who reported the vehicle stolen. Use FOIAs to obtain surveillance videos, phone call logs, etc... Also look for connections between the agent who planted the drugs and whoever reported the vehicle stolen. Dig dig dig.