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The Long Con

The most amazing and effective form of of biased communication is the "unbiased" "news".

They've managed to convince generations of people that they are objectively reporting facts. And for many stories, that's exactly what they do...but only as a way to garner readership and engender the CONfidence of their audience.

They are masters at their craft and they've been so successful at earning the trust of the public that they've been thought of as the people's check against government corruption. HA!

When the moment is right, the news is used to steer the masses into cooperating or complying with terrible government and corporate initiatives.

Here's a formula they use:
1) Report an event.
2) Have a witness attest to the event.
3) Have an authority comment on the significance of the event.
4) Have the authority comment on the steps they are taking.

It's a brilliant strategy that relieves the viewer from having to investigate the claimed event, consider the significance of the event, or handle the event themselves.

Remember this, the press stated in the constitution is the printing press (not the news) and it has always been used to sway people. It should remain free from government regulation but never trusted as absolute.

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