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What is a Libertarian leader?

Believe it or not, I am a long time member but never have felt compelled to join a side. Im not a tried and tested, card carrying, Libertarian. In the past year or so, I have felt more compelled to identify as a little L 'libertarian'.

Here are my main beefs. Libertarians are like pop fans. Its like people trying to out 'cool' each other. I don't personally give a shit if you are more 'libertarian' or 'LIBERTARIAN' than me. Honestly.

What I do care about is the direction our country is going. We can argue that Rand isn't pure enough, or that some aren't old school enough.. or that our individual ideology isn't pure enough.

Its all irrelevant if we do not inspire the change we need to change the course of the country. America needs people like you and I to stand up and lead the country. Like it or not, America is in desperate need of leadership. We can all be individuals working towards common goals or throw away all the hard work, we each have individually done, by infighting over a popularity contest.

Who is the Libertarian leader? Who is a leader? It sure as hell aint the current commander.

Rand is sure as hell going to need us to win. It will be a damn shame if he loses because he lost the base that thrust him into this position.

Lastly, if Ron Paul doesn't have an issue with Rand. If Ron supports his son. If Ron has sent every signal to support Rand....

Why dont you? Who is the leader moving our agenda forward?

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There shouldn't be a "leader"

There shouldn't be a "leader" in libertarianism. Everyone governs their own lives. You shouldn't need a leader. That's why weak minded people vote for kings .. Er cough cough, presidents. The original anti-federalist didnt think we needed a president. The Federalists won out on that and wanted to model the country after England with a king and monarchy. In my opinion the U.S. would function well with no president, supreme court, or congress. All these institutions create centralized control over the states, when the states can easily govern themselves, if people could resist handouts and learn how to take care of themselves.

and let's discuss Alex Jones in context.

Alex Jones might be considered a leader, he is the absolute top of the heap hands down winner in his genre, alt media. He's the king. He has no equal.

He also happens to be one of the few who have successfully monentized his craft. It's like the guy knew it from the start and he built himself as a brand and he became a king maker. You had a decent product and did the deal with AJ and your product started selling fast.

But AJ has a secret weapon: his wife is a brilliant CEO. She's the back end structure supporting all this, keeping it on track, making it the multi million dollar operation it is today.

Indeed as you pan across the patriot celebrity spectrum you will find solid spoused behind the most solud movers and shakers. So this piece of advice to young leaders in this movment: marry well if you can. Marry someone who sees your vision AND is smarter than you. If you can. And there's only one way to do that: start trying to find that person now.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

+1 Great advice

Best choice in my life. That's for sure.

I agree...

but disagree.

Good for Alex Jones. I disassociated with him a long time ago. His behavior and lack of control on national television with an opponent of his views were nothing short of appalling. Seriously.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

A Good Leader Empowers Others

And for me that is the core value of a libertarian: empowered with personal responsibility & self-determination. I want a leader or representative who preserves our right to self-govern. Someone who values an empowered citizenry that solves problems locally.

Rand Paul - he will need support for sure. He is playing a dangerous game inside the GOP but we know it is hard to be elected from the outside. However, we see that the rules are being stacked to favor an establishment cronyist candidate such as Jeb Bush. Will they let RP win? Not sure. I do like him and could support him.

Gary Johnson - there are mixed feelings here about him. I would support the Governor. He has done and is doing good things.

Karen Kwiatkowski - she won't run but I would love to have her as President or possibly VP. The first woman and a libertarian woman (also inside GOP.. kinda). That's a two-fer in my book.

There is still a lot in the GOP that turns me off. Very hard to get over those hurdles. The choice: fight from the inside or the outside... both have merits.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

The leader is WE, THE PEOPLE

The actual leaders are supposed to FOLLOW US!

They don't want to listen? Fcuk them, fire them and vote for someone who does.

Repeat as needed.

or you could ask Ernie Hancock

Ernie has it all broken down into about 120 seconds of one liners. And he has this thing, to get him to co-MC R3VOLUTION March in 2008 his final condition was that he gets a t shirt that says SPECIAL AGENT NOT IN CHARGE.

He loved that t shirt until he caught fire in it at Porcfest some years later. It's on my list to get him a new one.

Anyways, Ernie's thing is primarily to lead by example but the one liners:

1. I just do what I do and sometimes people do it with me.

2. If you aren't having fun you aren't doing it right.

3. Do you want a shiny badge?

4. They do what they do because they can. We are doing what we can because we do.

5. When you play by the rules and win against the people that make the rules they just change the rules.

6. We are in a war to liberate the space between the ears.

His methodology works. Pretty much anybody who wants to operate in AZ knows Ernie. His parties are lauded, it's where you go to get hooked into the scene. And the guy is a TON of fun. You can call into his show, his site is, check it out ya.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

I don't want a Leader! I want a Representative!

Seems like a loaded post? I feel like your question is in jest.

I don't want a leader! My vote goes to the person I want to "Represent" me. I like strait shooters and a man that can delegate. This is why I don't prefer Rand Paul although he has been a good little republican.

I'm apprehensive and turned off by fools trying to convince me Rand Paul is a closet libertarian or sympathetic just because his father is. And if you are right then that makes him a fraud and why would I support that.

I would give my life for a stranger like Ron Paul and not think twice. He inspires me to be a better man and do more. Rand; I'm afraid does not. That does not mean I would not Stand with Rand but I won't be participating in meetup groups or joining the DailyRand anytime soon.

You don't have to believe in Rand, far from it. Ron is genius.

Pursue Ron's proven strategy, hijack the Republican party from the inside out.

When we own the states, WE DECIDE who gets in and who doesn't.

Ron's a frickin genius. Both strategically and ideologically.

I don't see any conflict

I don't see any conflict between having a leader and being a libertarian.

Libertarianism is all about voluntary associations, so to achieve our political aims I don't see why its un-libertarian to unite behind a candidate.

And what does "leader" mean in this context? It's really the guy who we want to take office. They don't "lead" us in anything outside of political life.


That is the point. We are all individuals. Some individuals share our beliefs and some dont. Leaders are those that lead.

We are all an echo chamber sometimes. Just because we usually share a philosophical belief doesn't mean it translates to votes and change.

A leader recognizes that and exploits it to further his message. Rand needs more than us, thats just a fact. Hell, to be funny Id say he needs others more than us! We infight so much.. that we forget the goals we have worked towards.

Newsflash. Rand is his own man. He watched his father get beat up in the press, by leadership in both parties and locally. What would you think the son of Ron Paul would be like? A clone??

Rand is sharp and learns quickly. Rand is genuine and calculated. Rand is attempting to do something no Democrat or Republican has done in decades. Rand wants to unite the country and his actions have declared it.

At the end of the day.. the point of the post is this.

We don't need Libertarian leaders. We are already there. What we need is leadership beyond us that can inspire others to join our cause. There has to be a way to unite the country behind our message and win.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Hey yeah some of us call ourselves servants

If you a leader would be, first be a servant.

With the free range liberty consultant thing sometimes we can spot an unmanned position or a hole that needs to be filled. This would be when we plug into another project and there is already a nucleus there, there's already people in charge so you kinda just become one of their assets.

Arron Russo told me I was fired like three times and every time I reminded him, boss, you can't fire me, I'm a volunteer. But I called him boss and I meant it. i ended up in a "leadership role" but what I was doing was serving Aaron.

Perhaps that's a CHARACTARISTIC of our leadership: we're free to identify needs, assume responsibility and make the project happen. It's not our project, we just see how we can help make it fly. And on larger projects there's so many of us working behind the scenes that nobody ever knows what we did. But us.

And if you want to know where our authority derives from, that's pretty much it: from us. Most of these projects are hooked down by teams that have worked together for years, we trust one another, we understand our deliniations of responsibility, we have our roles, we fit in and rock it.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

You are right about America needing Leaders

You are right about America needing Leaders, we need to lead ourselves.

America is for the most part a nation of Sheeple either following the Shepherd de jour, or looking for one to follow.

I think the L(l)ibertarian message should be that Adults do not require 'leadership' in running their lives and that our children are just that, 'ours'.

That is not to say that our community, state, and federal gov't do not need good leaders, but the scope of gov't must be defined in order to determine whether someone is a good leader or not. The fact that gov't today has no scope, or rather unlimited scope, makes it quite impossible for anyone to be a good leader.

While Rand is clearly my favorite pick for US President at this time, I'm not looking for a more benevolent leader, I'm looking for the scope of the Presidency and other branches to be drastically reduced. We cannot Centrally Plan our way out of our current problems because Central Planning is what got us here.

While I'm skeptical that Rand or any other 'good leader' will be able to overcome the Central Planning system that has been masquerading as our Federal Republic. My personal understanding is that we must actively compete with Gov't with regards to running our own lives to restore Liberty. I think looking for someone else to make this case for each of us collectively is self defeating path.

Absolutely agree with your comment



and I agree.. hence the language in the post. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I was just arguing with a liberal friend

on this matter, he was accusing libertarians for not having a leader. I told him we are our own leaders, having a leader is not in our terminology. I told him what we're looking for is to find the best representatives willing to spent their lives sharing our ideas. I told him that by the way the society is arranged nowadays the representatives, once elected, are invested with tremendous powers. That's why we're very cautious when we vote. We look for individuals who already showed their support for liberty in local Governments and only recognize someone as a good representative after many years of serving the cause of liberty. I ended by telling him that we prefer to say 'Ron Paul served us well' in Congress instead of 'Ron Paul led us well' and that's the spirit of a free society. I truly hope you think the same - what libertarians need is charismatic representatives, not a charismatic leader.

No profound revelations here, leaders just lead.

Getting anybody to actually follow in this movement is like herding cats or trying to roll back the tide with a spoon.

Some of the more successful leaders in this movement pick a project and stick with it year in and year out. Others perhaps like myself are free range unpaid consultants that move from project to project over time and led by whatever seems to be the most important (or most fun) thing.

Then there's the specialist field. Not only are there slews of people doing broadcast but there's people that just do videography. There's the people we call upon year after year to set up stages and sound equipment. There's people that publish books, there's people that run seminars and training workshops, there's those that work within the GOP, there's organizations that focus on college kids, there's just about everything you can think of.

This thing in Los Angeles coming up is gonna be spastically cool and I'm kinda bummed I'm not in on it. I love festivals and mass gatherings. This movement is a great incubator for leadership because we're all free to give it a try. We get to try, we get to fail, we get to try again.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

It may be an overused phrase but...

You need to "be the change" you hope to see. In other words, lead by example with an emphasis on the principles of liberty every day. It's a great way to educate others as well, especially in the small ways your lives intersect.

"An idea whose time has come..."

To me, the greatest theme in libertarianism is that education is the most powerful means to create change. The civil rights movement prompted incredible change across the US, and continued that path for as long as heroes like MLK Jr. inspired and educated the public. Positive change in the collective conscience promptly ended when legislators and justices decided equality had to be defined by law.

So when you ask, who are leaders in the libertarian playing field, I would turn to those who currently educate the most people on immoral concepts like wealth redistribution and foreign intervention, and also the importance of individual liberties. Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Julie Borowski, and Derrick Grayson are all very public figures that effectively reach out to different audiences and teach these issues.
To see exactly what I mean, watch this clip:

The politicians play a unique, and important, role in making a philosophy a reality, and countering statism. I wouldn't consider them leaders, but Rand Paul and Justin Amash are certainly key figures in current events. Understanding liberty, however, is timeless.

Thank you..

that is one hell of a response. :)

I understand what you mean. I posted this because of my frustration towards the infighting and bickering over Rand. Its my belief that he is our best shot at moving the country in our direction.

You are absolutely correct my friend. Understanding Liberty is timeless. Once that light goes off, it illuminates the entire mind.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

This is the best post in a long time I think.

I don't know how I feel about Rand. It's so easy to dislike a politician, you never know where he really stands, and that's the hard part about playing politics.

The alternative to playing politics is losing every time until the one guy, right place, right time, doesn't compromise and wins.

Rand aside, we desperately do need leadership, at all levels. Responsible adults who aren't gaming the system.

I don't think much about Rand, for a good reason. Things aren't going to change from the top down. If Rand got elected (assuming he's really principled), he'd have to go to war with the whole country, the whole establishment, to make fundamental changes. What good is that Are we really pinning our political hopes on a bait and switch coup with a possible civil war?

We need a sea change in leadership at all levels, with people getting into positions of responsibility who aren't beholden to impersonal interests and corrupt. The system is pretty well rigged though, since elections are completely impersonal media events,

Until the nature of elections changes, some kind of localism/secessionism where those with influence are know to their constituents and vetted, there won't be any major change to political corruption and willingness to do awful things.

Good stuff.

I think that's why it's good that there are "ron paul people" winning elections and getting involved in all levels of politics. I guess was also just gotta be patient.

I am Ron Paul

It's that

Ron Paul guy.

I am Ron Paul

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Big Bump! Thanks, P

Big Bump!
Thanks, P

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

Thanks, P!

I am encouraged by you putting yourself out there!