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Girl on girl road rage crash on I-8 captured on video ~ Epic crash

According to the CHP, at about 3:50 p.m., 21-year-old Kelsey Shakespeare was in her silver Volkswagen Jetta and heading west on I-8 just west of College Ave. At the same time, 33-year-old Stephanie Pontarolo was driving her green Toyota Tacoma on the same stretch of freeway.
The CHP says that the two drivers -- for unknown reasons -- "became engaged in an altercation."


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My guess is that she just

My guess is that she just intended to cut her off, but being an idiot with no spatial awareness she totally misjudged it and instead ran right into the side of the other car. The good news is that the idiot was the one that flipped over!

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San Diego

Just in case you didn't know. San Diego is probably the dumbest city in America. It's like living in a insane asylum!

There is only one place I have found dumber people. The entire state of Arizona!

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Time to BAN CARS!


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This is why I get away

from crazy people as quickly as I can, "dignity" be damned. Let them get theirs when they encounter each other. I'm not saying both women are equally crazy, one might be as sound as I am, just guilty of being baited by a crazy person. My "let them get theirs when they encounter each other" philosophy is the alternative I'm promoting.

I've completely pulled over to force tailgaters to go ahead of me. They can go play their games with someone else and I'm making it home.

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Amen brother! Too old to

Amen brother! Too old to caught up in truly childish games by adults. They are childish games with adult consequences up to and including death.

enjoy your safe trip home :)


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The CHP says: "... if it is

The CHP says: "... if it is determined through our investigation that there was an intentional act to harm another person this incident would not be treated as a collision and separate charges would follow. The potential charges could range from attempted murder to assault with a deadly weapon depending on the circumstances."

Witnesses say the Tacoma's driver drove up next to the Jetta and flipped the driver off with both hands just before bumping the car.

Women are way

more violent then men, once they get pissed off.

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You got that right so think

You got that right so think carefully before pissing us off :)
Just joking but seriously it does appear many women are better then men when it comes to hiding their violent streaks.

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Agreed. Playing music in

Agreed. Playing music in bars many years ago, the wisdom was to never intervene when two women were fighting each other. They'll turn their rage on you and if they have a boyfriend, he'll jump in on you thinking you attacked his girl.

The wiser wisdom

is never intervene, period.

I played sax in some really rough bars. My response when trouble broke out was to hug my horn with both arms, and try to get it as far from the action as possible.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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I worked in a women's prison

I worked in a women's prison in Connecticut.

You got off lucky. I'm sure

You got off lucky. I'm sure some of the bars I played in were much rougher places. ;-)