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Polemic poetry: a paean to the political class

Drinks their tears
You get healthy
We get sick

Grind them under
Keep them guessing
Keep them scared
Burdens pressing

On twisted backs
Fears and debts
New alarms
Nervous frets

Strained and taut
No time for peace
No time for thought

Keep them boxed in
Torn asunder
Divide et empera
Fruitful plunder

Keep them busy
With distractions
Keep them bled
For each infraction

Keep them fighting
Keep them fussing
Lines formed for battle
Over nothing

Big tents of inmates
On either side
Pre-fab placards
Faction pride

Stinking sickbays
Two party asylum
Herds grow deformed
Never thinned by violence

Need a fight
Find a pretext
Raise a mob
Seek its redress

Ride its back
To public office
Find a cause
Serve a purpose

Make one up
The best contrived
By lobbyists
Thoughtful scribes

Minds for hire
Think tank drones
Churn out laws
Like I churn out poems

Whores of the mind
Swarm like vultures
Rotting mouths
Dry bone sepulchers

To sell the flesh
Tame by comparison
To sell the soul
There's a sin

Public relations
Fuck yourself
Make it viral
Social plantation

Ride the back
Of this sick monster
Don't give it slack

Eat its substance
For nourishment
Grow upon it
Keep it sick

Flourish with abandon
The wrath stores up
Rains torrential

When the cloudbust
Comes a-rushing
Then come the teeth
For the threshing

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Le morning bump


Eenie meenie minie moe

catch a billy by the toe
if he hollers tie him back
right there on the railroad track.

If he hollers, ask him why,
bro are you afraid to die?

Eenie meenie miney moe,
what are you afraid of bro?

Eenie meenie miney jack,
we're all on this railroad track

Engine engine number nine,
can you put the brakes on time?

Eenie meenie miney moe,
we're not long for this world bro

if this train goes off the track,
other bros will set it back.

Eenie meenie brother mine,
it will be better next time.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

That's pretty good.

That's pretty good.