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World Bank insider and whistle blower Karen Hudes pulls back the big curtain for the American People.

Karen Hudes has worked at the world bank for many years. She is now coming out with the most explosive understanding of what is going on at the top of the banking pyramid.

In Jekyll Island, Griffin goes into great detail describing the history of the inner circle that runs the world economy. Hudes is now exposing what is going on today and ties together the major economic and global events. This is the most important disclosure in decades, this is big!


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thank you i appreciate your

thank you i appreciate your kind words

The question is, is it an informed opinion

that can be substantiated or just flippent BS with no substance.

If you have some evidience, feel free to support his position, I would like to see what you got. Or, are you really the same troll just operating under a different name?

BTW - If you don't mind, I'd like to know - what do these troll jobs pay? Is it by the hour or by the post?

I was very interested

I was very interested in Karen Hudes (FYI, there is no "r" in her last name) when she first started getting attention last year. I listened to multiple interviews with her and found most of what she said to be true regarding the control of the large banking institutions by a small cabal. I think she being a lawyer at the World Bank gives her some credence that most would not have. But, I myself began questioning her when she started talking about aliens and how the global elite were some advanced species. Just really strange stuff. I mean, if your going to drop a bombshell like that you need to have some evidence. Her position at the World Bank doesn't give her credence for claiming that. It's just very strange and I don't know what to think of her at the moment.

GE Griffin's book "Jekyll Island" is extremly well

documented. Karen Hudes seems to be corroborating Griffin's research.

I wouldn't be surprised..

I wouldn't be surprised. I own a copy of the book myself.