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Exclusive Video: Radio Host Tony Stiles Arrested And Detained In Texas after he was stopped by DHS

Breaking Exclusive: Radio Host Tony Stiles Arrested And Detained In Texas
Stiles is currently on a national “Truth, Liberty, & Solutions” speaking tour. On Thursday, he was in California preparing for his next speaking arrangement in Tampa, Florida. Stiles and his accompanying team members, Eric Goodrich and Nathan Styles, had checked out of their hotel. Goodrich and Styles headed to Tampa in Stile’s vehicle, a GMC Yukon, while Stiles stayed behind.

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My fear is that people are going to go along with these

menacing intrusions and abuses.

And they will take note of the names of the corrupt officers.
And track them down later when they are off guard and alone.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I'm afraid people will resort to ruthless bloodshed in retaliation for being put in a situation where they are powerless.
I'm afraid human nature will kick in and the lives of thousands of law enforcement employees and their vulnerable loved ones will be put in horrific danger.

That's what I'm afraid of.

This occurs a lot in the novel "Unintended Consequences"

but it might be what happens if the good cops, prosecutors, and judges are unwilling to get rid of the bad ones.



Drug sniffing dog "alerts" 50

Drug sniffing dog "alerts" 50 feet away from car. Cops blatantly plant bag of pot in car.