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Transmissions from the Timothy Leary Papers: Ron Paul for President

Thank you for joining me today in support of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party. As we enter these closing years of the Roaring Twentieth Century, we're going to see personal computers enhance our lives in ways we can scarcely imagine. Fellow Cyberpunk Chuck Hammill has helped me assemble a collection of bits and bytes you may enjoy.

"If you're wise ... digitize!"

Tim Leary

In agreement with Leary's interests at the time, the disk contains software credited by the Libertech Project for those who "like the idea of techno-thwarting government abuse." and was "distributed free to Libertarians, Objectivists, Discordians, Cyberpunks, Survivalists, Soldiers of Fortune, Hackers, Entropists, Deltaphiles and similar types…"

The disk contains DOS programs generating fractal graphics and a copy of the paper, "From Crossbows to Cryptography: Thwarting the State via Technology" by Chuck Hammill, given at the Future of Freedom Conference in November 1987.


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Leary was a true believer in liberty, across the board. His writings and recordings are political but also transcend politics. Dangerous stuff for the establishment perspective on things and this was 50 years ago. It is completely natural that he was a RP supporter. It is also unsurprising that TPTB always try to present him in a cartoonish fashion and why he was hunted down internationally and imprisoned for a time in the 70s.