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There is still a future, even for evil!

I need that nostalgia.

Yeeehaw! The fiddle.

Makes me dance!

Good old days!

People were bad, but they knew each other so they could keep a handle on it.

Maybe they weren't as bad.

Bad is an art, just gets better.

We're so far from exhausting our potential for perfecting evil. We only just discovered the art.

A blushing bride, her future is bright, the worn old hag, not yet in sight.

We've just rounded the corner, ways to go.

Haven't let the nihilism sink in all the way, we hardly know.

Centuries to perfect it, aging like fine wine.

Hasn't yet become scientific, sublime.

1,000 years, unloosed, to shine.


We've unchained the devil!

We fiddle to his dance

Form a procession around him

We make music to His tune

He takes beautiful, bold steps

Discordant notes, sonorous melodies

Speed it up!

We have to wear him out!

Work him up into a frenzy

Purge the the evil

Out of his system

Tie down the devil!

And our selves down with him!

-Dedicated to jb.kibs

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