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My Apologies to Ron Paul Supporters

I have not been able to give much to the campaign for awhile. Had to catch up on bills. Looking forward to tomorrow and giving $51 for the Paul's anniversary. That's one thing about the unfair debates, it does motivate me to want to propel his campaign forward.

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political yardsales...

When I ran for Mayor of Asheville in 2001, one of the best campaign events we did was a yard sale...not only did we raise some $$ but I got to talk to a whole buncha people that you never see at a "normal" campaign event... I have since seen several of the people that I first met that day at local LP meetings...

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

im selling furniture online

im selling furniture online along with other stuff. its nice to know others are in the trenches too.

I'm selling off some

I'm selling off some personal assets... hopefully I will have enough to max out my contribution. If not on Feb 1, then I will donate my max as soon as I have the money together - maybe in time for the next money bomb.

Anyone who can should donate whatever they can afford to on Feb 1, even if it is only 5 bucks. Every single dollar and every single contributor has a huge impact on the success of Ron Paul's campaign.


Maybe we should have regional yardsales!

Sounds simplistic but it could help.
Form a PAC to give it to RP?

Ideas anyone?

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

Yardsales make little money.

Yardsales make little money. They are more a form of recycling than anything. Canvass.

Defend Liberty!

You could canvass

during the yardsale. ;)

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

if you donate $5 tomorrow, make it $5.10!

You know why. :-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Like I told RP last night

"it's an honor to meet you", it's an honor to all of us to have you come back and give when you could. That's the spirit that makes me know I'm in the right place.
I once heard a woman on C-SPAN call in and tell the moderator that she lived on a fixed income and had saved up for a month to give some money. She was an inner city black woman with children. She was saying that he was so right about the issues that happen with the welfare state. I almost cried. Here's a woman who couldn't afford it, but did.

Again, it makes me know without a doubt I'm in the right place.

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

I heard that woman too!

I heard that too! She kinda choked me up. She inspired me to dig a little deeper too. I wish I could have talked to that woman myself. I wanted to send her a whole box of campaign material and a few bucks out of my own pocket.

If she only knew that she inspired so many people with that one phone call!

The only way we can lose is to forget that we are winning!


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what a great campaign commercial!

wouldn't that woman make a powerful statement?

a real person who knows that lifestyle is ineffectual and dehumanizing.

sure wish the campaign, or one of our clever supporters, could film her!!!

I watched a CSPAN video on

I watched a CSPAN video on YouTube when that woman talked about her donation. Very powerful coming from someone who can barely afford it. I think she said something about saving for a few weeks to donate 30 dollars. That lady is awesome in my book!!! A bit of personal sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.


I signed up to be a precinct leader, too

Emails are starting to go around between a few of us in my area on how we can divide up the work. I am moved by the reports of how Ron Paul got as high as 2nd in Florida in the precincts that had a leader. I hope many more people sign up.