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VIDEO: 4 Year-Old Little Boy Saved From Vicious Dog Attack Hails His Cat As A 'Hero'

Boy exclaims, 'she's a hero!"


The Huffington Post | by Sarah Barness
Posted: 05/15/2014

This heroic kitty in Bakersfield, Calif., is sure to get some extra catnip this week.

On Wednesday, a startling video of a cat defending a young boy from a vicious attack by a dog went viral. Now, the boy's family is speaking out about the brave rescue.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/15/boy-attacked-by-dog...

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Why don't the parents ever tell the kid to stop pulling the cats arm?

I also watched an interview with the family and the parents never told the kid to be quiet or stop screaming on live TV. He was going wild flailing his arms and the parents just let him be.

They explained this kid has mild Autism. You wonder if parenting from the get go had anything to do with their particular diagnosis.

Probably Not

Ignoring bad behavior is what works, as long as good behavior is rewarded. Being relaxed and calm is probably what makes good parenting in this case.

Autism is not cured by telling the kid to be quiet, or caused by failing to do so.

With autism, it helps to have patience. A parent who doesn't tolerate such behavior would have a really hard time with an autistic child.

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A Great Story..

Wish More Americans would come to the rescue of their country the way this kitty came to the rescue of this little child...