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An Amazing Look At Deer Migration!

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One thing to think about.

A quote near the end.

"the fact that migrations exists in unprotected areas is amazing"

yeah, like only the gooberment cares about the environment.......... That's why they saction big corporations to pollute all they want while putting their boots on our necks. All the gov is waiting on is for you to be late on your rent money (property tax) so they can steal your land and sell it to in example Canadian gold miners which leave land contaminated in arsnic.

I suppose protected could be by private individual too.

Those deer are amazing though.

Amazing in this day and age.

Amazing in this day and age. Great footage, too. I hope the bucks with big antlers always find ways up and/or around the fences where most of the little ones were going under!

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Watching some of the film

Is one reason why I love this country, such beautiful landscapes and animals.

nice find!